Our contribution to education

Contributing to education

Since 2011, the American subsidiary Red Star Yeast Corporation, based in Headland (Alabama), has been working closely with the university and local farmers to educate young people.

Participating in and committing to education in the local region

The Red Star Yeast Corporation plant is developing a unique educational partnership with the department of agriculture at a local graduate school in Headland and farmers from the local farming community by financing several grants.

The Headland plant, which is located in a rural community, is heavily dependent on agricultural production. With this in mind, it promotes the educational development of promising students from local graduate schools, as well as the role of agriculture in the community and the process of yeast manufacturing.


Every year, Red Star Headland loans 10 hectares of non-irrigated farming land situated around its premises. Agricultural companies and farmers provide machinery, seeds, fertiliser, etc. as well as their time, to grow peanuts on the land.

In doing so, the North American subsidiary fosters the development of agriculture among the Headland community. What’s more, profits from the sale of the peanut crops are used to finance the university’s grants.

The Headland plant contributes to an additional direct bonus of $2,000 awarded to an exceptional student who aims to continue his or her studies in the sciences.

Key figures

  • The regional university fund totals around $10,000 per year
  • 10 to 15 participants receive grants every year