Illiteracy : our contribution in Morocco for the back-to-school of children

Contributing to the back-to-school of children

Lesaffre Morocco is supporting local communities by providing one free loaf of bread per day for every pupil to fight illiteracy.

Committing to supporting local communities

At the initiative of employees, Lesaffre Morocco decided to improve the lives of local communities by fostering the schooling and education of young rural children, particularly young girls.

The subsidiary first of all supported a primary school, followed by two others, with the aim of eliminating illiteracy in rural areas and curbing work by young children.

This venture – a loaf per pupil per day – began in 2001. Every month, pupils receive a bag containing yeast and flour so that they can make one loaf per day. With this donation, children can go to school rather than to work.

Lesaffre Morocco also helps to improve school infrastructures by providing computer equipment and the necessary materials for the top students to continue their studies in secondary school.

Giving your time for others

In addition to donating yeast and flour, other initiatives are periodically conducted every year. For example, during the 2014-2015 school year, Lesaffre Morocco employees shared their children’s clothes with pupils from the Guegueb school to help them contend with the winter cold.

This charitable initiative’s success is partly due to the strong impetus provided by the general management of Lesaffre Morocco. The mobilisation and involvement of employees improved living conditions for the local population. Through this initiative, Lesaffre Morocco is demonstrating the social role that private organisations can play in a country’s development programme.

Key figures

  • 3 schools involved (Guegueb, Ain El Haiij, Zleifa)
  • 125% more children educated since 2001
  • More than €10,000 invested every year