Youth training at international

Contributing to train young people

In 2013, Saf Viet got involved alongside volunteers from the Life Project 4 Youth (LP4Y) international foundation. Lesaffre’s Vietnamese subsidiary helps young people from underprivileged backgrounds find and stay in work, and helps them make life plans.

Founded in the Philippines by a French couple, Laure and Jean-Marc Delaporte, the LP4Y Foundation aims to locate very financially vulnerable young people (earning less than $2 per day) to help them make plans for their working and social life. To achieve this, LP4Y has set up Life Project Centers (LPCs) in the middle of or nearby shanty towns to help foster entrepreneurial projects.

The Bread & Smiles programme

Saf Viet has been working alongside LP4Y’s volunteers to set up the association in Vietnam by providing its network of contacts (equipment suppliers, raw material suppliers, clients, etc.) to help build a Life Projects Center in Ho Chi Minh City.

It has also helped to put together a programme called Bread & Smiles. Over a dozen young people are given experience in establishing, developing and managing a bakery micro-business.

Saf Viet provides technical support by sharing its knowledge and expertise at its Baking Center™ in Ho Chi Minh City. The subsidiary is also involved in a programme at the new training centre in Hanoi and set up a certificate to “officially” approve bakery training based on practical and theoretical exams.