Ensuring employee well-being

Ensuring employee well-being

LIS France involves its managers in ensuring that its teams communicate more easily and are better informed, the goal being to achieve a settled and effective HR climate.

Encouraging the recognition and reward of all employees and listening to their concerns

In each department or workshop, the managers hold meetings once a month or every two months.

These meetings allow the employees and their team leaders to raise topical subjects, answer questions, respond to requests for improvements, speak about the problems affecting the department, listen to individuals, discuss good ideas and address issues further upstream.

Proximity, simplicity and availability

Issues are immediately escalated to the departmental managers or the management, ensuring that solutions are quickly provided or information is disseminated more easily.

This enables the company to be more in touch with the front line and connected with every individual. As such, dialogue is a central component of the company with the aim of achieving continual improvement in working conditions, as well as employee health and safety.

As a result, relationships are more fluid and upwardcommunication is fostered. Employees are better informed and can communicate better with each other. This also enables them to develop social connections, as well as collaborative work.

Key figures

  • 500 subjects addressed every year
  • Nearly 75% of subjects resolved