Ensuring sustainable mobility

Ensuring sustainable mobility

Algist Bruggeman, Lesaffre’s Belgian subsidiary, is attentive to its environmental impact and keen to ensure the safety of employees. It has developed an awareness programme to encourage the use of cleaner transport completely safely.

In 2011, accidents occurred during employees’ journeys to and from work. Bicycles were involved in most cases: slippery, unsuitable roads and inadequate equipment.

The Belgian subsidiary decided to remedy the situation. With the aim of becoming a “bike-friendly” company, an action plan to ensure the safety of employees using a bike to get to work was put in place.

The company installed adapted infrastructures, including covered and protected bike stands and exterior stands for visitors. To encourage employees to get on their bike, there’s nothing like changing rooms and a shower for drying your clothes and arriving at work looking great!

There is also a financial incentive of €0.22 per km for employees who travel to work by bike to encourage the more reluctant among them. The prevention policy doesn’t just apply to the company’s employees, as a “Family Bike Sunday” event is held to promote the use of bikes by employees’ families. The event is held every two years and is a big success.

An effective awareness policy

  • 4 accidents in 2010
  • 1 accident in 2013
  • 0 accidents in 2014
  • More than 40% of employees occasionally use a mode of transport other than the car
  • More than 20% of employees travel to work by bike every day