Supporting educational infrastructure

Soutenir les infrastructures scolaires

Saf Neva, Lesaffre’s Russian subsidiary, is involved in a local partnership and is renovating the building of school in Uzlovaya.

Improving the environment in which we work and live

A school located in the vicinity of the Uzlovaya plant has attracted the attention of the Russian subsidiary. In 2011, after meeting the headmistress and visiting the school, Saf Neva decided to help restore comfortable and healthy conditions for the school’s 160 pupils by taking part in a socially responsible investment.

The premises were in an advanced state of disrepair, including broken windows and snow settling on the floor.

A partnership between the public sector and a private manufacturer

A plan to renovate the building over an initial three-year period was set up in collaboration with the local education department and the town hall.

In two years, the 1,200m² of roofing was entirely replaced (2011-2012). 70% of the financing for the work was provided by the Russian subsidiary, with the remaining 30% coming from the national education department.

In 2013, Saf Neva helped to replace 32 old windows with double-glazed windows. The collaboration with the school continued in 2014, focusing on the theme of safety. The school had no fencing and is next to a very busy highway.

A joint financing programme together with the regional administration developed a project to construct fencing in front of the school, which was put in place in May 2015. During the same period, the subsidiary helped the school to purchase construction materials, paint and wall coverings to improve the pupils’ surroundings.

Being close to today’s employees and attentive to tomorrow’s

Saf Neva’s investment is socially responsible and the subsidiary wants the younger generations to benefit from its policy. It has decided to focus its efforts on the youngest individuals, who are the generation that will make up its future employees and managers.

Since 2011, the subsidiary in Uzlovaya has been a guest of honour at all of the festivals held by the school, which demonstrates its successful integration into its social and administrative environment.