Supporting local communities

Supporting local communities

Over the last ten years or so, the employees at Lesaffre Chile have been involved in a uniting volunteer initiative in the form of the RENACER programme to help local communities in need.

Following a restructuring in 2005, the management and employees at Lesaffre Chile decided to set up a uniting project to improve cohesion.

This led to the creation of the RENACER project (which means “to be reborn” in Spanish). The objective of this annual initiative is to carry out a project that ties in with the national culture and to focus on the country’s needs.

The 2012 edition involved a primary school in the town of Quilicura, located around 20 km from Santiago. It took two months to prepare the initiative and one week to carry it out, with 1,200 pupils benefiting.

The work performed by Lesaffre Chile employees included the creation of a library and a music room. Nearly 500 textbooks and around 20 musical instruments were purchased.

In 2014, the Lesaffre team came to the aid of three families that had suffered damage to their homes following a fire. The members of these families worked at a supermarket that sells Lesaffre products. It took two months to plan the initiatives and one week to carry them out, including painting, reforestation and repairs to fencing and roofs.

The programme is repeated annually or biannually and periodic initiatives are carried out, contributing to a fantastic project that will be continuing for some time to come!

Its successful actions have been possible thanks to teamwork achieved through a joint effort by all employees.

Key figures

  • 7 initiatives conducted since 2005
  • 9 out of 10 employees involved in this volunteer programme