Supporting reforestation initiatives

Supporting reforestation initiatives

The employees of Safmex and Fermex, Lesaffre’s Mexican subsidiaries, get involved every year into an operation of reforestation.

An urban reforestation initiative

Deforestation is a real problem for Mexico, with the country ranking fifth globally and second in Latin America. Given this situation, Safmex launched an urban reforestation initiative in June 2013 called SAFORESTA, which has enlisted the help of employees and their families.

The goal of this programme is to create awareness of our environmental impact through improvement and employee education actions, such as urban reforestation.

A mobilising and meaningful project

This highly mobilising project has involved Safmex employees even beyond their families. During the 2013 initiative, more than 40 families took part in the initiative to reclaim green spaces around the plant in Toluca, near Mexico City.

Nearly 100 pine trees were planted. A separate initiative conducted at the end of 2014 between Fermex and the local authorities resulted in the planting of 60 trees with the support of around 30 employees.

The SAFORESTA initiative was also backed by the municipality of Toluca, financing the entire project, and several industrial organisations, including Safmex, in June 2014. On that occasion, nine Safmex employees planted more than 150 trees.

Key figures

  • Over 1,000 trees planted nearby Safmex in 2015!
  • A total of 1,300 trees planted as part of the SAFORESTA programme