Close proximity to our clients


Passion for the product is the foundation of our commitment. It goes hand in hand with our firm quality standards and explains the vital role that we place on customer satisfaction. With our products currently sold in 185 countries, now more than ever we want to remain our clients’ local partner, wherever they may be. To this end, our 69 industrial sites and 77 business offices are spread across 51 different countries.

Strong adherence to our clients’ cultures

We have developed a strong capacity for adaptation and strive to respect our clients’ and our users’ cultures, ways and customs. We offer in-depth guidance and technical support via our network of 47 Baking Center™ and our 5 Culinary Center. Proximity is essential to developing relevant products and services and fulfilling our clients’ industrial logic. Everywhere we operate, we maintain close relationships with the local authorities and support grassroots social organizations.

People at the heart of our group’s success

Because our women and men have always been – and will always be – at the heart of our success, our management and human resource practices are rooted in proximity to our people. Lesaffre is physically present in 51 countries and employs more than 70 different nationalities. It is our priority to adapt to the cultural and economic features of our different local contexts. This multiculturalism represents a great opportunity for the company, as well as for each team member. We encourage experience-sharing, dialogue, diversity and initiative, which we believe to be key factors for success and personal fulfillment.