Passing on knowledge to ensure a sustainable future

Lesaffre is built on 165 years of history, tradition and handed-down knowledge of an iconic food item that has been around for 7,000 years and satisfies mankind’s most basic needs: bread!
Bread has always symbolized sharing and generosity. This state of mind, inherited from our family’s history, has motivated us since we began.

Passing on knowledge means planning for tomorrow with confidence

165 years of existence are not achieved through chance. Lesaffre has survived economic crises, wars and technological revolutions with panache. Since 1853, thousands of men and women have been building Lesaffre, each time passing on their expertise and passion for their work. Still today, we share and pass on our expertise, thanks in particular to the training provided by Institut Léon Lesaffre, our in-house training center, and by our network of Baking Center™ and Culinary Center around the world.