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A new identity for Bio Springer Biotec : Procelys

Bio Springer Biotec, a Lesaffre Business Unit, supplies all sectors of the fermentation industry worldwide. Its high performance nutrients are used by leaders in the field. In order to strengthen its corporate image, Bio Springer Biotec decided to review its brand identity to underline its activities and its ambitions.

Procelys, Lesaffre Fermentation nutrients

The chosen name Procelys, highlights the technical dimension of Industrial Biotechnology and reflects the BU’s expertise in improving all bioprocesses from simple to very demanding.

The logotype of Procelys symbolizes a cell. Its membranes, exchange channels and nucleus are represented while the colors fading from blue to green express the cell dynamics. This easily recognizable design places the cell at the center of all fermentations.

The tagline clearly sets out our belonging to Lesaffre and the main functionnality of our products.



About Procelys

Procelys aims to support the biotechnology industry by providing nutrients and expertise to improve growth and productivity of microorganisms and cell culture. This Lesaffre’s Business Unit develops a wide range of specific products designed for Biopharma, Food & Feed Bioingredients, Food cultures & Probiotics, Renewable Chemicals and Biocontrol industries. Strengthened by being a part of Lesaffre and drawing upon its expertise worldwide, Procelys fosters a strong proximity with  its customers.                  

Procelys website is coming soon.

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