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Lesaffre had the opportunity to record its first participation in the World CleanUp Day in Marcq-en-Baroeul on Saturday 21 September: a group of employees worked to clean up the banks of the Marque, a waterway that runs alongside the Société Industrielle Lesaffre, while another group proposed a meeting to the pre-registered Marcquois at the Lesaffre industrial site.

Even if the banks of the Marque are relatively clean, our cleaning explorers have found treasures: abandoned clothes, plenty of bottles and cans, a caddy saved from the water by a brave and anonymous young Marcquois… and all kinds of other garbage. Fortunately, many cleaners were accompanied by very conscious young children who were concerned about this cleaning. The young generation responsible for the environment is on its way!

On the side of S.I. Lesaffre, the largest yeast production plant in the world around which the city of Marcq en Baroeul has gradually developed, the teams were able to explain to visitors the actions implemented by the company to protect the environment: promotion of river transport to reduce the number of trucks (- 3000 trucks per year), soundproof equipment and noise barriers to reduce noise pollution, measures limiting odour emissions…. S.I. Lesaffre has also invested heavily to optimize its water consumption (less than 24% in 15 years) and treat the water used via its wastewater treatment plant. Finally, energy is not to be outdone: investments have led to an improvement in energy efficiency, and a dedicated energy management team is responsible for monitoring and continuously improving energy management.

The teams are eager to renew this beautiful operation, which corresponds to Lesaffre’s mission, “Working together to better nourish and protect the planet”.

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