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Lesaffre Ibérica inaugurates a sourdough production workshop at Valladolid

Lesaffre’s subsidiary in Spain and Portugal, Lesaffre Ibérica, is pursuing its strategy of diversification and growth. Last March, the company inaugurated new facilities for sourdough production,
thus responding to a growing demand from Spanish and Portuguese bakers.

The investment aims to satisfy the growing demand for sourdough from Spanish and Portuguese bakers. “This new installation incorporates cutting-edge technology resulting from Lesaffre’s knowledge of microorganisms and the fermentation process developed since its creation in 1853,” said Luis Ronda Zuloaga, General Manager of Lesaffre Ibérica.

Consumer demand for quality bread is a challenge and an opportunity for the bakery sector in the Iberian Peninsula. The sourdoughs produced in the new facilities are marketed under the LIVENDO® brand and offer the best guarantees of quality and food safety for the baker and the consumer. “There are very few such facilities in the world. It is not easy to produce a quality sourdough. To do this, we have a great technological knowledge of microorganisms, flours and fermentation processes,” explains Luis Ronda.

Lesaffre Ibérica produces, packages and markets yeasts, sourdoughs and bread-making ingredients through two entities, one based in Valladolid and the other one in Barcelona. Lesaffre Iberica has currently 150 employees.

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