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Industrial investments and 50 years of presence in Italy !

On December 6th 2016, Lucien Lesaffre, Chairman of the board of directors of Lesaffre, Antoine Baule, CEO of Lesaffre and Thomas Lesaffre, general manager of Lesaffre Italy, inaugurated the new logistics center at the yeast production site in Sissa Trecasali, Parma. It was also an opportunity for Lesaffre to celebrate 50 years of industrial presence in Italy. In recent years, Lesaffre has made a series of major structural investments in its Italian subsidiary.

From left to right: Antoine Baule (CEO of Lesaffre), Lucien Lesaffre (Chairman of the board of directors of Lesaffre), Nicola Bernardi (Mayor of the city) and Giuseppe Forlani (Prefect of Parma)


“These modernization and extension projects will enable Lesaffre Italy to improve each stage of the production cycle and thus meet the needs of its customers. These investments were made in collaboration with the best local suppliers, with the aim of making the company even more functional and competitive,” explained Thomas Lesaffre, General Manager of Lesaffre Italy. Indeed, Lesaffre is committed to developing a policy of sustainable development for present and future generations. Particular attention is paid to the environment during investments. Thus, the realization in 2014 of cogeneration made it possible to make the plant autonomous from an energy point of view. Other investments are in progress. The Baking Center™, a center of expertise in bread making, will be completed soon. It will be dedicated to the study, training, technical support and commercial presentations of the products. This will be the 39th of a network born in France in 1974 and today composed of more than 200 technicians in bakery, present on the 5 continents. “Lesaffre is very pleased to continue to invest in Italy, where we have been present for 50 years. Besides the Parma yeast production site, in 2015 Lesaffre took a majority stake in Gnosis, an expert in microbial fermentation, located in Desio, near Milan,” said Antoine Baule, CEO of Lesaffre.

Focus on Lesaffre Italy

Located in Sissa Trecasali, near Parma, Lesaffre Italy produces fresh yeast for craft and industrial bakery. Benefiting from the latest production technologies and a perfect monitoring of the logistics chain, the products of Lesaffre Italy are distributed throughout the national territory. The markets are varied and the company also produces yeasts and ingredients for oenology, animal feed or plant care. Lesaffre Italy covers 13,000 m2 and employs 140 people. More information: www.lesaffreitalia.it

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