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Lesaffre has joined the Protéines France consortium, whose projects concerning the growth of the protein sector are supported by the government.

At the Protein Summit in Reims (from 26 to 28 September 2017), the Protéines France consortium announced its incorporation as an association, coordinated by IAR in the bioeconomy sector, as well as its expanding to include companies in plant-based proteins and new protein sources.

Founded in 2016, Protéines France is a consortium of businesses, which today includes Avril, Herta, Lesaffre International, Limagrain, Soufflet, Tereos, Terrena, Roquette, Royal Canin, Vivescia and Ynsect. With government support, their common goal is to make France a world leader in proteins. The aim is to seize opportunities for growth and job creation brought about by increased demand for plant and animal proteins worldwide. Demand is expected to increase 40% by 2030, or 7% annually.

Protéines France is building on the work of the working group “protéines du futur” (proteins of the future), which was launched as part of the “alimentation intelligente” (smart food) solution for the Nouvelle France Industrielle project led by France’s National Association of Food Industries (ANIA).

About Protéines France

Protéines France is the catalyst of the development of the plant-based protein sector and new ressources in France. The association aims to create value on the French territory by mobilizing actors according to common development approaches.

Protéines France works particularly on:

  • Structuring, promoting and representing the French sector and on initiating a unifying dynamic on the whole value chain to develop the protein sector
  • Facilitating the implementation and the public support to agricultural, industrial and R&D projects
  • Facilitating the investments in industrial tools which contribute to the creation of jobs and value on our territories
  • Supporting the creation and the development of starts-ups which would develop rapidly innovations in the sector
  • Assisting the communication and the information related to the launch of innovative products
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