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Lesaffre officially opens a new Baking Center™

On Tuesday 3 October 2017, Thomas Maréchal, General Manager of Lesaffre Italia, officially opened the new Baking Center™ at the Sissa Trecasali production site in Parma.

We have opened the new Lesaffre Baking Center™, a centre of excellence in bread-making and new ingredient formulation, dedicated to the study, training, technical support and commercial presentations of new products. This centre is part of a network established in France in 1974, comprising 38 Baking Centers™ with over 200 baking technicians on all continents.

In recent years, Lesaffre has made a series of major structural investments in its Italian subsidiary.

These expansion and modernisation projects, the latest of which is the new cold store, will enable Lesaffre Italia to improve the production cycle and respond more efficiently to the needs of its customers. These investments were made in collaboration with Italian suppliers, with the aim of taking advantage of local excellence and further improving the company’s efficiency and competitiveness,” explains Thomas Lesaffre, Head of Marketing for bread-making ingredients.

Indeed, the company remains committed to developing a policy of sustainable development for present and future generations, with a particular focus on the environment.

With this in mind, in 2014, an ultra-modern cogeneration plant was built, to enable the company to be autonomous with regard to energy, recycling any excess energy produced.

Lesaffre is delighted to continue investing in Italy, where the company has maintained a presence for over 50 years. In addition to the yeast production site in Parma, in 2015 Lesaffre acquired a majority stake in Gnosis, a company specialising in the production of ingredients for nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals and in microbial fermentation, located in Desio, near Milan” explains Thomas Maréchal.


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