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Lesaffre Polska awards the prize of The Swallow Responsability

Every year, the producer of yeast in Wolczyn offers its customers a program to promote their products. Our clients were rewarded with points which the bakers and confectioners were able to exchange for rewards (including bicycles, televisions, laptops, wine and even golf clubs or pool tables). For the first time, however, the owners of bakeries and confectioners were able to opt-out of the reward scheme and instead donate the monetary equivalent to one of the two foundations which help sick children. Thus the industry’s first CSR program under the name LESAFFRE GROUP PRESTIGE was created.

Generous bakers and confectioners

The innovative promotional campaign lasted from early June to late October of this year. It ended with a gala in the Narvil hotel in Serock during which the organizers thanked the partners who participated (bakers and confectioners) and summarized the results. And the results proved to be impressive!

Companies from across Poland participated in the program and raised cash for their chosen foundation. Eight of them showed special generosity and dedication to the cause, for which they received awards: the gold and silver Swallows of Responsibility. They alone managed to raise over two hundred and fifty thousand zloty. The money raised went to two foundations: the Children’s Cancer Foundation and the Children’s Heart Foundation. The first of them has been helping children suffering from cancer for over 20 years.  The foundation finances the costs of expensive drugs and rehabilitation, it buys medical equipment and funds research that aids advances in the diagnosis and treatment efficacy of cancer. It has already helped thousands of small patients at the Department of Bone Marrow Transplantation, Oncology and Haematology in Wrocław. The second is a nationwide organization, independent of medical centres, bringing together the families of children and adults with heart defects.

Grand Gala

The Serock gala was divided into two parts. In the first, guests had the opportunity to attend the conference during which the well-known and popular chef, Karol Okrasa, spoke about the principles of healthy eating. Ewa Konczal, director of the international organization Ashoka – innovators for the public, presented aspects of CSR in the context of social organizations and the actress, Ewa Błaszczyk, presented the objectives and actions managed by the “Akogo?” Foundation, which runs the Alarm Clock clinic (for children who are in a coma). This part of the meeting was informative and educational and was also very emotional for the majority of the participants. The afternoon meeting, led by Krzysztof Ibisz was a prelude to the final gala evening. The eight companies which made the biggest contribution to the LESAFFRE PRESTIGE GROUP project received Swallow Responsibility statuettes which were awarded by: the General Manager of Lesaffre Poland SA – Dariusz Rompa, the Sales Director – Henryk Kawik and Marketing Manager – Małgorzata Pielok.

An aunction to benefit the Akogo Foundation

The evening charity auction brilliantly led by K. Ibisz generated a lot of excitement. The guests were able to bid for, among other lots, Kamil Stoch’s skis, Robert Lewandowski’s shirt, dinner at the Atelier Amaro restaurant or to be a member of the live audience during the filming of Dancing with the Stars. The bakers and confectioners did not spare a penny. Thanks to all the participants the Gala Prestige Lesaffre Group evening raised seventy thousand zloty for Ewa Błaszczyk’s “Akogo?” Foundation who was unable to hide her tears of gratitude. After all the emotion, the guests were able to find solace in the music and fun provided until dawn.

Corporate Social Responsibility affects all of us

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is to voluntarily take into account the social interests and environmental protection, as well as the relationships with different groups of stakeholders during the strategy building stage. According to this approach, being responsible means not only the compliance by businesses of all formal and legal requirements, but also, in addition to increased investment in human resources, the environment and interactions with the environment. It is thanks to all the participants of the Lesaffre Prestige Group program that the proposed promotional campaign: which was innovative, unconventional and certainly unique in the industry was greeted with much approval, even admiration and given a great deal of attention.

Together we can help and achieve more! Simply taking part in the LPG can be socially responsible!

The Swallow Responsability Awards:


  • Asprod sp. z o.o. – Kliniska Wielkie
  • Al Piekarnia-Cukiernia sp. z o.o. sp.k. – Karwia
  • MDJ sp. z o.o. – Gliwice.


  • Piekarnia Cukiernia M.A.X.X. L. Chełstowski &
    Monkiewicz – Chojna
  • Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowe Nort sp. z o.o. – Lichnowy
  • Piekarnia i Cukiernia Bernard i Jacek Jarzębińscy sp.j. – Kościerzyna
  • Jack Piekarnia Bagietka, Marek Jackowski – Kostrzyn nad Odrą
  • Piekarnia Polkorn J. Zieliński s.j. – Ciechocinek.
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