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Lesaffre Prestige Group: When loyalty rhymes with generosity

For the third year in a row, Lesaffre Polska organized its program entitled Lesaffre Prestige Group, in which customers can decide either to exchange their loyalty points for gifts or give their financial equivalent to an association. This year, the benefits went to the Association for Children and Youth Education with Autism called Aperio.

Lesaffre Prestige Group against autism

Initiated three years ago, Lesaffre Prestige Group is a project addressed to the company’s customers who receive points as part of a promotional loyalty program for completed orders for yeast or ingredients (bread improvers, sourdough…).  At the end of the program, the points can be exchanged for prizes (household appliances and electronics, bicycles, watches, travel vouchers) or the customer can choose to transfer their financial equivalent for a pre-defined purpose or charity.

This year, the benefits were given to the Association for Children and Youth Education with Austism called Aperio. Founded in 2008, this association supports children with autism and their families. Autism is recognized by the United Nations as one of the most serious civilizational health problems, along with diabete or AIDS. According to Lidia Domanska, President of Aperio, the number of children with autism is increasing “dramatically” worldwide. Even if the reasons of this disease have not been clearly identified yet, it is known, however, that “early diagnosis and the initiation of intensive therapy can significantly change the life of a child with autism and at the same time the life of his whole family”.

An annual gala to thank and award the most generous companies

The loyalty program ran from May 2nd to October 31st. The gala marked the conclusion of the program and took place in Lodz, Polska.

After an educational part to raise awareness on autism and the problems of children suffering from this disorder, the second part of the evening was the presentation of the statuettes of “Responsibility Swallows”. These diamond, gold and silver prizes were handed out to the most generous companies. Ten companies were awarded in this year’s edition. For the third time in a row, the most valuable distinction were obtained by the same companies from Karwia and Gliwice.

As in previous years, during the supper a charity auction was held, the proceeds of which were also allocated to this year’s beneficiary. 260 000 zloty have been given to the association. A symbolic thank you was extended to the companies participating in the Lesaffre Prestige Group program by means of a great show.

Have a look at this evening here:

The awarded companies


  • Al Piekarnia-Cukiernia Konkol, Karwia
  • Piekarnia MDJ, Gliwice.


  • Asprod, Kliniska Wielkie
  • Piekarnia-Cukiernia Bernard i Jacek Jarzębińscy, Kościerzyna
  • Piekarnia Emilia Kristof, Boguszowice
  • Piekarnia Cukiernia Bajgiel, Jan Wodecki, Ewa Wodecka-Bordun, Będzino


  • Piekarnia Marek Kozłowski, Szczecin
  • Piekarnia, Cukiernia BJB Jacek Błaszkowiak, Puszczykowo
  • Piekarnia, Cukiernia Gursz, Międzychód
  • Piekarnia Europiek, Magdalena i Leszek Kubić, Lublin


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