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Livendo, Lesaffre’s new sourdough signature

Lesaffre, quick to break new ground, is now extending its offering on the fast-expanding sourdough market with a new brand and more comprehensive range, structured around 4 product families: starters, live sourdough, devitalized sourdough and sourdough-based preparations. With more than 20 product references in total, Lesaffre thus offers a wide choice of solutions with varied aromatic profiles to stimulate the baker’s imagination and creativity.

New sourdough brand, new packaging


With Livendo, Lesaffre offers bakers genuine sourdough expertise and a new way of communicating about flavour. ‘We decided to opt for an imaginative, innovative, appealing brand’, explains Eric Schubert, in charge of the Ingredients Department at Lesaffre International. The name Livendo is both vital and meaningful: it conjures up live products, sourdough and dough. The choice of dark red and a spiral to symbolise the mixing process makes the brand readily identifiable. The packaging has also been totally reworked to make the range more legible and appealing.

Sourdough, a fast-expanding market

‘The demand for sourdough-based products is steadily rising’, Eric Schubert continues. The reason is simple, consumers want authentic products that combine the notions of taste and well-being. So, it’s no coincidence that the baseline ‘More than taste, more reasons to love it’ was chosen to underline all the benefits of sourdough, but mainly naturalness, freshness and health.

Sourdough, a whole host of benefits !


Sourdough is a natural fermentation agent, which actively helps to enrich the sensory profile of bread, by developing its unique flavours and textures. However, aside from the aromatic aspect, it also delivers plenty of benefits. The crumb is more elastic, more open; water retention is improved, thus delaying the staling process. The lower pH helps to preserve bread for longer thanks to its antifungal effect. Nutritionally speaking, the addition of sourdough is highly positive: the glycaemic index of bread is reduced, which thus helps reduce the risk of diabetes, the bioavailability of mineral salts is improved, and the formation of acrylamide is greatly reduced during baking.

A comprehensive sourdough range

The Livendo range offers more than 20 sourdough product references, structured around four product families:

– Starters

sourdough_starter-livendoStarters are formed from a combination of pure and carefully selected strains of lactic bacteria and yeast and are used to produce highly developed acidsand aromas in dough. They help dispense with the need to refresh a spontaneous sourdough developed using traditional methods.

– Devitalized sourdoughs


Devitalized sourdough, which is produced from fermented flour (wheat, rye, spelt, etc…), requires no preparation and can be incorporated directly into the mixing process. It lends the finished product a distinct aromatic typicity peculiar to fermented cereal. It is used in all kinds of bread-making processes.

– Live sourdoughs


Ready-to-use in liquid form, live sourdoughs enable bakers to dispense with the sourdough preparation phase. It allows dough to rise and lends the finished product a distinct aromatic typicity peculiar to sourdough-based bakery goods. It is produced from the natural fermentation of cereal flour obtained from organic farming.

– Sourdough-based preparations

sourdough_based_preparationsThanks to its expertise in sensory analysis, Lesaffre has developed sourdough-based formulations enriched with malt, organic acids, spices, etc… These preparations are used to extend and vary the range of aromatic profiles in bakery goods. They are directly incorporated into the mixing to give the finished product a unique flavour and colour.

Head of the Ingredients Department.

‘The micro-organisms in sourdough, sourdough and products obtained from the fermentation process produced by Lesaffre are a direct extension of our expertise in the field of yeast, fermentation and breadmaking. It is all naturally produced using Livendo, which we are proposing as a market benchmark.’

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