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Turkey and Mauritius are the overall winners

After five days of fierce competition at the Lesaffre MECA Region Baking Center™ in Istanbul, the Louis Lesaffre Cup jury, presided over by Pierre Zimmermann, delivered its verdict by declaring Turkey and Mauritius winners of the Louis Lesaffre Cup Africa Mediterranean zone. They therefore become the first two teams to win their place at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie. This selection also offered the opportunity to highlight bakery talents and young hopefuls.


Among the five teams who went head to head during this 4th edition of the Louis Lesaffre Cup, Turkey and Mauritius stood out during the required challenges: Baguette & World Breads, Viennese Pastries & Gastronomic Bread Making and the Artistic Piece.

The Turkish talent for improvisation
Osman Gündüz (Bread), Yüksel Güllu, (Viennese Pastries) and Buket Sisalan (Artistic Piece) are the Turkish team’s three happy champions. To achieve this result and such a high level of excellence, these bakers worked flat out and followed an intensive training programme with their coach Gülten Yagmur. In particular, the team knew how to showcase their talent and originality during the creation of improvised products, especially in the bread speciality with the Kartoffelbrot – a potato bread – and for the Viennese Pastries with the Cramique.

Mauritian mastery
Right from the off, the Mauritian team made a big impression. Sabeer Hookoomally (Bread), Ludovic Gopaul (Viennese Pastries) and Maneeram Santaram (Artistic Piece) created products that left the jury speechless. During the challenges, Kartoffelbrot and the Panettone – a traditional Italian Viennese pastry – were perfectly executed. According to Catherine Ahnee Gouérec, the representative from the Moulins de la Concorde – organiser of the national selections on the island – the rigorous work of the team and their coach, Laval Sophie, paid off. Florian Raymond from the Mauritian team also won the first ever Louis Lesaffre Cup prize for the best “Young Bakery Hopeful”.

It’s a date – Paris, February 2016
By winning the first Louis Lesaffre Cup selection, these two teams have bagged their places at the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie during the Europain show at Paris Villepinte, from 5th to 9th February 2016.

Special food critic award
The special prize awarded by gastronomic critic Gülhan KARA was given to the Ivory Coast team.

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