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A natural probiotic to reduce the symptoms of the irritable bowel syndrome

In order to improve human health and well-being, Lesaffre develops natural probiotics from yeast or bacteria. The searchers of Lesaffre patented a strain called CNCM I- 3586 capable of attenuating the symptoms of the irritable bowel syndrome, a widely spread intestinal disease.

What solution does Lesaffre bring to reduce the symptoms of the irritable bowel syndrome? from Lesaffre on Vimeo.

The irritable bowel syndrome: a widely spread intestinal disease

The irritable bowel syndrome, also known as IBS, is an illness which strikes 800 millions people affected by this disease in the world. This disease includes several unpleasant symptoms such as intestinal disorder, discomfort…Thus Lesaffre, with its expertise in biotechnologies and microorganisms, addressed this issue in order to make a natural probiotic which can improve intestinal comfort of the people suffering from this syndrome.

A thorough research and a demanding development

To position ourselves on this high potential market, R&d of Lesaffre tested different strains from its panel of strains in order to find one which would be efficient against intestinal pain. The CNCM I- 3586 has been identified as a unique and an exclusive starter and has been patented by Lesaffre. This innovation has been made in 3 steps: the first step was made of in vitro preclinical trials lead on an artificial intestine in collaboration with an university; the second step was the development of the new probiotic product via a bibliography, the formulation of the product, the pilot…To this we can add the industrialization, the quality controls, the legal aspects, the patent, the regulations, and the packaging to bring it to the market later. The last step constituted of in-vivo clinical studies.

The answer of Lesaffre : a natural probiotic from the patented strain CNCM I-3856 sold in pharmacies

This innovation of Lesaffre has been tested on a panel of people suffering from the irritated bowel syndrome. This study revealed significant effects on the long run compared to the dose of a placebo drug. So Lesaffre also developed this natural probiotic before its commercialization. Sold in pharmacies, this natural probiotic is with no habituation, is gluten free and without adverse effects. This innovation is one of the most important of Lesaffre in human health care.



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