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A new look for Biospringer, our business unit dedicated to yeast extracts

Biospringer, the yeast ingredient specialist, has introduced a new look for its logo, which has been strategically redesigned to reflect its mission of providing solutions, using natural ingredients to improve food taste and sensory qualities around the world. The new look conforms with the trusted expertise of Lesaffre, globally recognized by customers for yeast solutions for the bakery, nutrition and human care industries.

Biospringer, the yeast ingredient specialist, has introduced a new look for its logo.

Visually, the graphic shapes of the new Biospringer logo symbolize natural ingredients, evoking aromas, flavors and scents, as well as yeast cells, referencing a wide range of yeast products which build and improve taste for our customers’ recipes. The new colors represent the industrial know-how (grey), the natural raw material of yeast (green), and ultimately, the taste preferences of consumers (orange). The typography design reinforces Biospringer’s proximity to our customers and our commitment to partnership. The new tagline, LESAFFRE CULINARY SOLUTIONS, clearly communicates that our yeast extracts provide multiple product benefits. Beyond taste improvement, we offer products and services that result in healthier, more balanced nutrition, such as solutions for salt reduction in formulations, helping customers with a clean-label approach.

4 Culinary center in the world

Innovation, proximity and transmission are at the heart of our business.  Biospringer is the only yeast extract supplier with locations on four continents. Because there are Culinary Centers in the U.S., France, and China, (as well as a new center under development in Brazil), Biospringer has the ability and expertise to develop custom solutions geared to the specific needs of clients in each region.  Supported by a large Research & Development department with in-house technical staff, Biospringer collaborates with our customers to develop innovative new products. Biospringer is able to solve even the most challenging flavoring problems.

Our proximity makes Biospringer more accessible to clients, and in-house experts at our Culinary Centers provide unparalleled customer support, recipe development, and optimization for regional tastes.  Our Technology, which includes a Taste Panel and Electronic Nose, allows Biospringer to offer product and recipe evaluation to our customers. Biospringer has a team of 20 scientists dedicated specifically to the development of yeast extracts. Our expert panels and flavourists assess new prototypes and optimize performance in application.

Our wide range of yeast ingredients are essential in constructing taste for multiple applications in the food industry including soups, sauces, broths, gravies, snack seasonings and sweet recipes. In addition to taste building, Biospringer is following key market trends such as consumers’ concerns for healthier and organic foods, addressing this by assisting clients to create clean-label products.

Production capacities extended for yeast ingredients

Biospringer has extended global capacity development in the U.S. and Asia continuously over the last five years, and our dynamic growth is ongoing. Our global production capacities and the ability for our clients to source yeast extracts locally lead to logistic cost savings and carbon footprint improvement. Biospringer has developed the know-how for new products and skills for manufacturing in different environments. We are working to further this innovation and our ability to answer to clients’ needs with the launch of new products and services as we continue our expansion worldwide.

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