Masters de la boulangerie - Salon Europain - Villepinte
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On the final straight for the Masters de la Boulangerie !

The countdown has begun: T-15 before the official opening of the eagerly awaited
Masters de la Boulangerie! Inspired and fired up, the 18 candidates from across the
world are still training for their attempt to win the competition’s Holy Grail – the
title of 2018 World Master Baker. Make a date on the 3rd February, in Paris – for
an exceptional competition!

Candidates and jurors under pressure

From February, 3rd to 6th during the Europain show, 18 candidates will compete in three specialties:  Nutritional Bread Making, Gourmet Baking and Artistic Bread Making.

5 jurors experts in international baking, under the aegis of their president Johan Sorberg, will select the best bakers in the competition.

An innovative competition with numerous activities

The Masters de la Boulangerie will have their own space on the Europain show. Numerous events will take place during the show.

Themed around “Sharing and The Future”, original events are dotted
throughout the competition:
Product show: a completely new format centred around a spoken
product presentation, in response to the challenges faced by candidates:
“Bake & Dine”, “Creation & Innovation” and “The Art of Dough”.
Innovation Focus: Flagship innovations from the competition’s
Tips ’n’ Tricks: the candidates’ tips and tricks revealed by our technical
presenters, Pierre Zimmermann and Jimmy Griffin.
Spotlight on the Future: an original event staged by the Young Bakery
Hopefuls, those young bakers discovered during the Louis Lesaffre
Cup. They will present to us their vision of baking in 2040.

Come to the Europain show which will be held in Paris Villepinte from February 3rd to 6th to assist to this unique competition!

Read the latest press release of the Masters de la Boulangerie to know more on the competition.

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