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Lesaffre is to break new ground and launch a range of organic baking products to help bakers produce top-quality organic bread in line with European regulations. The ‘Biorganic’ label includes yeast, sourdough and bread improvers in its range. Lesaffre products with their unrivaled quality and brand guarantee, are now available in an organic version. Simply organic!

The range is to be officially launched at the Sigep (Rimini, Italy – Jan 17-21, 2015) and the Sirha (Lyon, France – Jan. 24-28, 2015)

Organic produce: a fast-expanding market!

Crisis? What crisis? There’s no crisis when it comes to organic food sales. Driven by consumers concerned about the quality of their diet, the organic food market is continuing to expand and finding its place in the agribusiness industry. In Europe, the market has increased twofold in 10 years (source: Nutrimarketing-2014). The values behind the organic sector are those insisted upon by discerning consumers, whose new surge of interest is driven by an increasing awareness of food safety, health and respect for the environment. Organic products are now more widely available, catering to the increasing consumer demand for organic goods.

Biorganic: the baking solutions range from Lesaffre

Lesaffre is launching a comprehensive range of organic products including yeast, sourdough and bread improvers, all united under the ‘Biorganic’ label; a commitment to quality when it comes to organic goods. In a constant desire to cater to the specific needs of its customers, Lesaffre develops each product with great care, in accordance with precise specifications in order to offer practical, safe and efficient solutions, while guaranteeing performance and consistency. The baker can thus produce outstanding organic bread,confident that he/she is in accordance with European regulations.

Quality, safety and performance: the Lesaffre requirement

Managing raw materials, adapting industrial processes, protocols, traceability and controls, dedicated storage areas etc. at each step of the process, Lesaffre factors in the constraints inherent in the production of organic-certified goods.

“We run a total traceability system: from the initial batch of raw ingredients through to the finished product. We are focusing on safe organic production activities, with a guarantee of top-quality yeast and ingredients and consistent performance in the long term. We take particular care of the origins of our raw ingredients, as well as of cleaning and rinsing procedures to avoid any cross-contamination“, confides Claudio Bersellini, Head of Production at Lesaffre.

Every effort is made to ensure that we comply with the organic certification procedures undertaken by the outside drop outside who inspect and authorise products before they are placed on the market.

Organic solutions for all types of baking

Present in the organic sector for already 20 years with its Crème de Levain, the first organic living liquid sourdough on the market, Lesaffre includes yeast, sourdough (liquid and dry), and bread improvers in its comprehensive organic range.

Organic bread improvers
Ibis organic bread
This improver for organic bread and specialty breads regulates fermentation and prevents the dough from relaxing. It ensures total consistency at all stages of production. It also gives extra tolerance to the dough and helps to provide better volume. It is adapted to all baking processes: straight, long and controlled fermentation.

Ibis Sweet Pastry
This improver for brioche and Viennese pastry specialities lends extra tolerance to bakery goods and ensures total resilience at all stages of production. It prolongs softness and freshness, helping to extend the life of your brioche products; ensuring that your finished products are of optimal texture.

Organic sourdoughs
Inventis devitalised dry sourdough
Devitalised sourdough obtained from fermented flour based on wheat, rye, spelt, hard wheat. It has no fermentation power, but adds a specific aromatic profile to finished products reminiscent of fermented cereals. It can be used with all types of baking processes: long, retarded fermentation, straight, and frozen.

Crème de levain
Ready-to-use liquid living sourdough, Crème de Levain Biorganic has excellent fermentation activity, which help the dough/pastry to rise and become acidified. Crème de Levain Biorganic has numerous applications in baking: baguettes, specialty breads, sandwich bread, brioche, Viennese pastries… and traditional French bread.

Organic yeast
Present on the market since 1895, L’hirondelle is renowned as being the preferred choice of fresh yeast of French bakers. It is now available in an organic version. L’hirondelle Biorganic offers optimum performance in the long-term. Its excellent friability makes it easier to incorporate into the mixing stage. It is popular with bakers for the quality and consistency of the results, whether that be to produce: sweet, acidic or normal dough/pastry. It is compatible with all traditional manufacturing processes (straight), long processes and long and inhibited fermentation methods.

Europe regulates Organic products, Lesaffre is staying on track!

European regulations limit the use of the organic product label to products containing ingredients of at least 50% agricultural origin. Furthermore, at least 95 % of the ingredients of agricultural origin must be organic. Yeast is not of agricultural origin; however, as of 1st of January 2014, European commission regulations have introduced the obligatory inclusion of yeast as agricultural ingredients when calculating the agricultural composition of products.


Lesaffre sets the global standard for yeast and other fermentation products. The company designs, manufactures and markets solutions that promote baking, nutrition, health and the protection of living organisms. In close collaboration with its clients and partners, Lesaffre innovates with confidence, in order to nourish and protect the planet more effectively.
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