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Phileo launches ‘The Farm’, a project dedicated to animal nutrition future

As part of its constant commitment to anticipating future generations’ needs, Phileo Lesaffre Animal Care has launched ’The Farm’, a platform dedicated to scientific expertise and exchange. Its role is to develop innovative solutions to respond to the ethical, sanitary and zootechnical challenges of the future of livestock agriculture. The launch ceremony took place on Monday 22 June 2015 in Seysses, near Toulouse.

Specifically dedicated to animal nutrition & care

Launched  on  22  June  2015,  The  Farm  Phileo’s  aims  are  to  promote  innovation,  exchange  and community in the fast-growing field of animal nutrition and care . “Our principal aim is to respond to the market’s demands through innovation,” explains Jean-Philippe Marden, a doctor of animal nutrition and Director of The Farm Phileo. “The Farm is equipped with the most up-to-date tools, allowing it to bring animals and the analysis and laboratory equipment needed to develop new solutions together under one roof.” The heart of its research features topics including  the  study  of  microbiota,  the  detection  of  various  mycotoxins,  the  impact  of  animal  feed  on  the  environment and improving animal well-being.

The Farm also  reflects one of Phileo’s clear  desires: to increase communication in  order to act more  effectively.  The  platform  promotes  “academic research in partnership with internationally-renowned researchers in Europe and the United States, as well as in countries in which animal science is undergoing tremendous growth, such as Brazil, India and China,” adds Mr Marden. Finally,  The Farm aims  to  support  Phileo’s  customers,  providing  training  seminars  on  the company’s  proven techniques.
Comprehensive and concrete, the project has already convinced a number of partners, including  the Ecole d’Ingénieurs de Purpan (Purpan Engineering School), the Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Toulouse (Toulouse National Veterinary School), INRA and the Chinese Agricultural University in Beijing.

Anticipating the needs of tomorrow: Phileo’s ongoing mission

Since its foundation, Phileo has always taken into account the challenges the world will face. With a projected  world  population  of  9  billion  in  2050,  fulfilling  food  requirements, particularly  in  terms  of animal  proteins,  will  be  a  difficult  task.  “High-quality animal feed will be essential to provide the nutritional resources required by all. Consequently, our aim is to produce better quality at a lower price and in a more sustainable manner,” says Eric Auclair, Phileo Research and Development Director.

As a result, Phileo is working to develop sustainable solutions. Its dedicated R&D department is made up  of  engineers,  nutritionists  and  veterinarians.  Its  four  lines  of  research  – combating  mycotoxins, improving digestibility, strengthening immunological competence and  intestinal  health, and reducing pathogen pressure – represent the major issues for the sector in the years to come. Its research department works closely with local teams in order to fully take account of its customers’  needs, which can vary between regions or countries. This “allows product launches to be adjusted to suit local characteristics but also to boost on-the-ground innovation through frequent discussion,” says Mr Auclair.

Animal care, an essential element

Frédérique  Clusel,  Phileo’s  General  Manager,  who  has  a background  in  health,  explains:  “I joined Lesaffre because I share its fundamental values of respect for life, animals and plants. Phileo is evolving from tradition to innovation, positioning itself at the crossroads between nutrition and animal health. With this in mind, we have recruited and surrounded ourselves with animal health professionals.” One  of  these  is  Michel  Vagneur,  a  practising  veterinarian  with  fifteen  years’  experience.  As  a consultant  for  Phileo,  his  role includes  monitoring  animal  welfare  (performing  analyses  of  housing, thermal comfort, health aspects, etc.). “I share Phileo’s concrete vision of animal welfare. For example, it has implemented an anti-heat stress programme,” says  Mr  Vagneur.  “Also, its local roots are particularly relevant, as they allow Phileo to better meet requirements in the field.”

Phileo  is  committed  to  improving  animal  care and  the  company  is  working  to  achieve  this  goal through its various projects, including the most recent: The Farm. “The solutions we develop are aimed at offering better animal welfare,” says Mr Marden. “In the context of making our breeding systems sustainable, our aim is to achieve increased animal efficiency while respecting their environment and their care. Ultimately, this approach has the advantage of contributing to breeders’ economic success. It’s a virtuous cycle,” he says.

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