Inauguration Procelys lab China
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Procelys inaugurates its 3rd applications laboratory

Procelys reinforces its worldwide application support capacities with the opening of ‘The Labs’ in China. Procelys officially opened its 3rd applications laboratory.

The Procelys’s expertise in yeast nutrients

With the rapid growth of Procelys’s activities around the world, it became essential to associate market knowledge with increased expertise in applications. Due to the diversity of these applications and of the micro-organisms used in the fermentation industry, each customer has very specific requirements. So, to optimize the support that it can offer to companies, in 2016 Procelys invested in the construction of 2 new application laboratories, one in Cedar Rapids (USA), and the other in Laibin (China). It should be noted that the third application laboratory is situated in Maisons-Alfort (France) and covers the EMEA region.

« The Procelys Labs’ » missions

These laboratories, known as ‘The Labs’, focus on the study of bio-nutrients for microbial applications and cell culture, and develop new bioprocesses for local customers. Just like The Farm Phileo, Baking Centers™, the Culinary Centers and the Plant Care Center, The Labs are there to accompany customers by offering a wide range of skills:

  • Assessment of the properties favourable to the growth of nutrients extracted from yeast
  • Personalized development of media based on yeast extracts for specific applications
  • Optimization of nitrogen sources for fermentation and cell culture media
  • Study of specific growth needs and metabolic processes adapted to the different strains/cells
  • Development of bioprocesses for microbial fermentation and cell culture
  • Solving problems encountered in the analysis media and bioprocesses
  • Training on the use of yeast extract products

With these investments, Procelys is keen to develop its proximity to customers with the backing of The Labs.

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