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The sensory lexicon for crusty bread

Matured wheat aroma, cracker crust, French toasts, gummy texture…sensory vocabulary can often be confusing for baking professionals. Renowned for their sensory expertise, Lempa* and Lesaffre have revealed the much-anticipated booklet ‘Bread word for word’.

Two sensory approaches to crusty bread

For baking professionals, sensory analysis is a fundamental aspect of understanding produce. It is also used more often that ever to communicate with consumers. With the ‘Bread word for word’ booklet, professionals will now have a sensory lexicon for crusty bread – an authentic work tool to describe the appearance, sound, smell, taste and texture of their bread during tastings. The originality of this lexicon stems from the use of two types of vocabulary – that of consumers (hedonic terms) with 320 identified terms, and that of professionals, a more objective and precise list of 60 terms indexed by Lesaffre’s sensory analysis laboratory. Camille Dupuy, our sensory analysis manager highlighted that “with the help of these 385 terms, a baker can now easily identify the sensory quality of their baguettes and promote them to customers”.

‘Bread word for word’, a must-have guide…

After an introduction to best practice for tastings, the booklet is centred around five sensory aspects: appearance, smell, sound, texture and taste. For each sensation, a group of expert terms is presented (descriptive photos, illustrated definitions etc.) along with the equivalent consumer term. Testimonials and recipes enrich the booklet designed for anyone who works with wheat/flour/bread. In poster-format for technical publications and conferences, this tool will enable the establishment of a specific learning module provided by Lempa or Lesaffre. In the future, both structures would also like this work to be standardised so that it can be referenced and used by the industry. An English version is now available.

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*Lempa: Testing laboratory for food industry professionals




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