DANBAOLI® : An instant dry yeast suited to the Chinese market


Danbaoli is an instant dry yeast, best-suited to the Chinese market for pastry and especially for mantou, baozi (steamed bun).

  • Founded in 1985, Danbaoli pioneered in producing instant dry yeast in China and has built along the years an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese culture of baking.
  • The expertise has been reinforced since 2006 by Lesaffre endorsement, bring along innovation and the most advanced technical still from the yeast industry worldwide leader.

Danbaoli instant dry yeast is available for professional bakers (Craft and Industry) in 2 different qualities:

  • Danbaoli Red, especially suited for low sugar dough;
  • Danbaoli Gold, developed for sweet dough.

Danbaoli also offers yeasts for the home consumers, in adapted packages.


  • Expert: With long heritage and Lesaffre endorsement, Danbaoli combines over century of unique innovations with an in-depth knowledge of the Chinese culture of baking.
  • Quality: Danbaoli is fully devoted to guaranteeing a safe, healthy, natural and consistent product to meet customers’ expectations.
  • Sharing: Danbaoli is offering the best products to enable all users to succeed in their baking and share this cheerful experience with their loved ones.


  • Ready-to-use instant dry yeast: directly incorporated into the flour or added at the start of kneading, Danbaoli instant dry yeast disperses easily and mixes quickly and evenly with the dough, for optimal fermentation.
  • Available in Red, Gold versions
  • Packaging:
    • 500 g sachets
    • Also available for household consumption in 5g, 13 g sachets
  • Shelf life: 2 years from the production date

More information about Danbaoli: http://danbaoli.com/
Recipe blog:  http://www.danbaoli-blog.cn