FALA® : A compressed yeast widely used in Europe

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Fala is a brand of compressed yeast, widely used in numerous countries within Europe.
It is intended to all Bakery Professionals, and also aimed to the final consumer for homemade bread.
Fala compressed fresh yeast is ideal for a large variety of applications, which are: breads, brioches and pizzas.


  • Consistency: Fala gives excellent baking results for all types of breads.
  • Performance: Fala meets the strict requirements of bakers, with complete confidence.
  • Specific features : besides standard yeast Fala blue for universal use, Fala offers various special yeasts like Fala red, Fala gold, Fala green, which are highly adapted to specific applications and process such as sweet- dough, sour-dough or deep-freeze application.


  • Compressed fresh yeast
  • Packaging
    • Professionals: 500g blocks in 10 kg carton box and in foil packs of 15kg without carton.
    • Consumers: 42g cubs which are very easy to handle and allow simple dosing.
  • Shelf life :
    • For best results, yeast should be stored in a clean and cold place (1-4°C).