MAGIMIX®: bread improvers suited to bread-making applications and methods worldwide…


Magimix bread improvers are recognized by the most demanding professionals around the world. Magimix offers a broad range that provides for balanced combinations of functional ingredients (reducing agents, oxidants, enzymes, ingredients with specific effects and more), to enhance the dough’s performance and the quality of the end product.



The baker’s trusted partner for 30 years

Magimix bread improvers, the fruit of Lesaffre formulators’ ongoing research, satisfy bakers’ expectations: spring in the oven, faster smoothening of the dough, crumb color, soft texture, freshness, consistency of aeration, etc and the absence of blistering. These principles are able to adapt to the full diversity of flour qualities, bread-making processes and different types of equipment used in bakeries.

Magimix, your trusted partner, accompanies you everyday with healthy and safe products, bringing you serenity at work.

Key benefits

  • Peace of mind daily: Magimix has a wide range of solutions to make the baker’s job easier and offer consumers the bread they love
  • Effective and efficient products: Each improver guarantees genuine results and solutions adapted to each type of flour and each baking process.


  • A comprehensive line of baking improvers
  • Packaging: 250/400 g pillow pouches; 2/10/25 kg bags; 10/20/25 kg poches; 10 kg tubs
  • Shelf life: 12 months, under optimal storage conditions.