Red Star®, the most widely-used brand of Active Dry Yeast in Northern America.

The moisture is removed in such a way that cell viability and leavening power are retained. This results in a granular form of yeast designed to be rehydrated before use. Red Star yeast is also available in compressed block yeast, composed of living yeast cells derived from a pure culture of Saccharomyces cerevisia. Grown under carefully controlled conditions, Red Star® yeast ensures optimum consistency, stability and activity in baking processes.

Red Star® Active Dry Yeast

Red Star® Active Dry Yeast can be used in all yeast-leavened goods with either straight or sponge doughs. It is normally applied in a ratio of 40% to 50% of compressed yeast weight requirements, depending on the sugar content and type of dough. Active dry yeast should be rehydrated with a minimum of 3.5 to 4.0 times its weight in water at 38-43°C (100-110°F).

1. Optimum yeast performance and product quality.
2. Vacuum packaging ensures freshness, consistency, and minimal activity loss until opened.
3. Consistent activity.

Shelf life
Once opened, keep package tightly closed and store under refrigeration at 45ºF (8°C)

Red Star® Active Dry Yeast is available in a variety of package sizes.

Red Star® Compressed Yeast

Red Star® Block Yeast is shipped direct in refrigerated trucks for use as a leavening agent in fresh, frozen and par-baked products.

1. Consistent yeast performance and product quality.
2. Convenient, easy to scale.
3. Compatible with all fermentation processes.

Shelf life
Keeps optimum performance if kept below 45ºF (8°C):
21 days for 5 lb. blocks
28 days for 1 lb. blocks

Yeast temperature should be maintained at 45ºF (8°C) or below at all times.
Optimum cooler temperature is 36º to 40ºF (2– 4°C)with good air circulation.

Red Star® Compressed yeast is available in a variety of package sizes.

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