SAF-LEVURE®: active dry yeast that is stable at room-temperature

saf_levure_redimSaf-Levure is dehydrated active dry yeast (with 92-93% dry matter). It comes in the form of granules or spherical particuls that make it extremely stable at room temperature and easy to conserve.

Same characteritics as a dry yeast

Saf-Levure is suitable for all bread-making processes. The yeast is prior reactivated by rehydration at a temperature between 35°C and 40°C. After being left to stand for a while, it quickly goes into a suspension. Saf-Levure is particularly well-suited to humid climates.


  • Stability: Dehydrated and sold in the form of granules, Saf-Levure is easy to conserve at room temperature, while retaining its fermenting power.
  • Efficiency: After rehydration, Saf-Levure is used like a liquid yeast and can easily be added to the mixer. It is then suitable for use in any bread-making process.


  • Active dry yeast in the form of air-packed granules or spheroids
  • Packaging: 125/500 g boxes, 50/100 g packets, 10/25 kg bags and 25 kg plastic drums
  • Shelf life: Several months, up until the date appearing on the packaging