SAF SEMI-DRY®: innovative, effective patented yeast

saf_semi_dry_redimSaf Semi-dry is a frozen yeast product developed by the experts at Lesaffre in response to the expectations of craft bakers and the hospitality industry, in their pursuit of efficiency, health and safety, convieniency and environmental protection.

Frozen yeast that combines high-tech with packaging innovation

Saf Semi-dry is a semi-dry yeast. It comes in the form of minuscule frozen vermicelli that can be incorporated directly into dough and that give breads a pleasant aroma and a light crumb. There are two qualities of Saf Semi-dry:

  • A Red version: designed for recipes with low sugar content (<5%)
  • A Gold version: for sweeter recipes (sugar content >5%)

Saf Semi-dry is packed in Tetra-Rex® cartons: completely novel packaging for this type of yeast, combining efficiency and ease-of-use.


  • Efficiency: Watertight packaging retains the product’s stable fermenting power for the product’s entire shelf life (24 months at -18°C).
  • Hygiene: Saf Semi-dry satisfies the latest developments in terms of food health and safety, with resealable packaging, hermetic conditioning and storage at a temperature below 0°C.
  • Convenience: Saf Semi-dry offers unique advantages, with its pouring spout, perfect fluidity and small packaging size.
  • Respect of environment: The high concentration of yeast considerably reduces the amount of fully recyclable packaging needed, as well as the volume to be transported and stored.


  • Semi-dry yeast
  • Packaging: Tetra-Rex® cartons, 8 kg box of 20 x 400 g cartons; variation: with or without caps
  • Shelf life: 2 years at -18°C