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Lesaffre improves the taste of prepared foods in a natural way

In the area of food taste and pleasure, our group offers a wide range of natural yeast products with multiple properties to the food industries, flavorists and manufacturers of intermediate food products. Then Lesaffre developed an innovating process capable of improving the taste of food in a natural way. This innovation is patented and commercialised under the name of Springer 2012. Let’s go back to the genesis of this natural taste product.

How does Lesaffre improve the taste of prepared foods? from Lesaffre on Vimeo.

A customer’s requirement for always more flavour in prepared foods

Lesaffre commits itself to supply products to its clients which reveal the nutritional value and the natural taste of several recipes, such as soups and broths, sauces, snacks and biscuits, seasonings and ready-made dishes, drinks and more. For many clients of Lesaffre in the field of prepared foods, to satisfy their consumers by offering them products always tastier is a priority. Some prepared foods like broths, soups, snacks and sauces have 6% of nucleotides. This level didn’t seem enough for Lesaffre customers who asked the group to reach 12% of nucleotides in order to improve the taste of their recipes.

The challenge of the R&D : to improve the taste of food thanks to natural flavor enhancer

How is it possible to bring up the level of nucleotides from 6% to 12% naturally, without additives or particular taste enhancer? Which process enables to boost the performance of nucleotides? That was the challenge of the R&D teams of Lesaffre. Thanks to the bringing of the phosphodiesterase enzyme which separates and releases nucleotides individually and the process of aeration initiated by the industrial pilot by pouring yeast extracts from a cistern to another, R&D of Lesaffre completed the challenge of reaching 12% of nucleotides. Lesaffre patented this innovation in 1999.

Springer 2012, the 100% natural solution of Lesaffre

Lesaffre therefore has brought to the market Springer 2012, a 100% natural yeast extract, with a constant rate of 12% of nucleotides and a limited solubilisation. Its high level in nucleotides improves the taste in mouth of foods which have little fat and enables to reduce salt in food, as well as yeast extract dose. Springer 2012 has then opened the way to a brand new range of products with the same process, which were developed afterwards: Springer 2016, 2020…

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