Sandwich bread
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A new booklet devoted to the sensory world of sandwich bread

In partnership with US Wheat Associates, Lesaffre proposes a new booklet devoted to the sensory world of sandwich bread. The sensorial analysis team of the Baking Center™ wanted to devote the second issue of ‘Bread word for word’ dedicated to sandwich bread. On this project, Lesaffre worked in close collaboration with Roy Chung, baking consultant for US Wheat Associates, the export market development organization for the American wheat industry.

Sandwich bread in words : sharing vocabulary

sandwich bread lexicon

This booklet, devoted to the sensory world of sandwich bread and available in French and English, presents a shared vocabulary found in different cultures, combined with a repeatable sensory analysis method. As well as this expert terminology it presents the terms of appreciation most commonly used by consumers. The terms used by consumers were collected by the English firm Allied Bakeries.

As a result over 300 consumer terms are set alongside over 60 terms listed by Lesaffre’s sensorial analysis laboratory.

A genuine work tool for sandwich bread tasting session

After an introduction on good tasting practices, the booklet is organized into 4 sensorial sections. For appearance and texture, the expert descriptors are accompanied by explicative photos. For taste and smell, each term is illustrated by a very simple recipe that can be mixed in an opaque glass. Interesting testimonials and recipes add to this document created for the entire wheat/flour/bread industry.

Baking professionals were already won over by the first issue of “Bread word for word” devoted to crusty bread, and will now have a glossary of sensory terms to describe sandwich bread, which is a genuine work tool for describing the appearance, smell, taste and texture of their bread during a tasting session.

The language of sandwich bread

As the technical consultant in bread-making at Lesaffre Singapore, Nigel Saunders, emphasizes, “sandwich bread is undoubtedly one of the most enigmatic breads of our time, being all at once the most standardized but also the most adaptable and customized type of bread!” Indeed, due to the diversity of recipes and its conservation properties, sandwich bread is one of the few types of bread which enjoys a worldwide increase in consumption.

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