Domaine d'activité
Sciences appliquées
Animal care
Singapore, Singapore
Type de contrat
Permanent Contract
+10 years

Description de l'offre

Manage the regional technical support function:

 Phileo APAC-AfMECA TMSM is responsible for building up and orchestration of the technical support function (ex.: one expert by specie, feed process specialist, etc.) in the designated areas, comprising both internal or external resources:

– Pilots and manages directly APAC-AfMECA transversal technical & marketing support resources, makes it sure that local technical support function works well in liaise with sales teams;

– Collaborates with Phileo GSM, R&D and commercial teams in the identification of external resources aiming to build up a network of consultants with various fields of expertises;

Contributes to the dissemination of technical information and projects advancement via notes and meetings to all technical and sales teams within the region;

Develops product or solution trainings with his/her team in liaise with GSM and product managers;

– Allocates resources to technical training of local Phileo or distributors’ sales & technical teams;

– Continuously monitors customer expectations and the ability of the organization to respond efficiently and assist to improve complex processes by recommending solutions.


Phileo APAC-AfMECA TMSM directly manages the transversal technical support team of the region and as such,

– Proposes recruitment plan and optimal organization chart for the region to his/her N+1;

– Participates in the recruiting process with the support of HR department and coordinate the integration process of new hires, sets up personal and technical inclusion plan for new team members;

– Develops competencies and team motivation through proper individual annual review, individual meeting, regular communication, adequate training, team meetings or any other management activities that may foster favorable work climate and are compatible with area forecasted expenses;

– Makes sure that local technical support function works well in liaise with R&D, GSM, Product managers and sales teams.

-  Report to her/his N+1 any abnormal event or dysfunction.

Implement and / or customize Customer Solutions & services Phileo offering

In liaise with Global Sales Force Support manager and under “project management” mode of working, adapts global Phileo Customer services offering and develops specific solutions for the designated area:

– Identify market requirements for existing and potential new solutions together with local commercial teams and Key Account Managers;

– Inventory of existing services, scoping and offer framing based on customer segmentation and resources − ex.: draft new operational procedures for the new solutions;

– Customer Solutions & services deployment: selection, prioritization and project management;

– Set up and implement Technical & Marketing Services plans with areas’ sales managers, based on customer segmentation, customer needs and our growth and margin targets;

– Assists in field evaluations of the developed services and solutions, fine-tuning and new strategies to improve the product or process.

– Provide feedback on project and about enhancing the solutions catalogue to regional and corporate teams.

Manages in person the most strategic accounts in the area (ex.: CP group) through regular contact, networking and long-term projects implementation:

As such, is the guardian of the Strategic Account (SA) relationship, external and internal, hence optimizing a maximum of exchanges on all levels and stakeholders in a coordinated manner:

– Has in-depth understanding of the SA and could be compared to an orchestra maestro in his/her endeavor to coordinate corporate and local resources, proposing R&D partnerships projects and providing comprehensive, products, services and solutions to the SA in a profitable manner;

– Know/identify decision-making process and critical stakeholders; understand the manufacturing footprint & processes ; know the innovation project pipeline ; understand value-chain ; develop an understanding of the final customer dynamics/markets/habits and “Critical to Quality” ; identify pain points of the customers (recurring or contextual), to help develop value proposition aligned with end customer need.

– As a consequence, he/she has to be both entrepreneur and strategist with a great sense of leadership and is result-driven;

– Build with the regional KA team and area managers a Strategic Account Plan over a rolling 3-year time horizon and document in CRM;

– For Global SA’s, update twice per year the Phileo Leadership Team on progress with the account and (local) support needed;

For this SAM role still reports to the Regional Director but can have, in case of global strategic accounts, a dotted line to the Global Commercial Director to enhance global alignment and -support, competence development and better practice sharing.



Required Education:

MsC or agricultural engineer degree, veterinarian specialized or PhD with strong working knowledge on animal nutrition, production methods and/or diseases issues and able to apply this knowledge to make the proper analyses and identify opportunities to develop new technical and marketing solutions for regional and local Phileo teams and customers.

Soft skills required:, is a relationship builder towards the customer and an opportunity seeker with/for the customer, understands the total business chain, possesses analytical rigor, is an  entrepreneur and a creative customer oriented solution provider.

Required Skills and Specifications

·       Is a relationship builder towards the customer and an opportunity seeker with/for the customer, understands the total business chain,

·       Is an entrepreneur and a creative customer oriented solution provider

·       Excellent team building skills, strategic vision, structured and able to plan all involved activities on the long term;

·       Previous experience in a technical service role introducing new products and concepts to targeted customers and/or markets in conjunction with sales and marketing.

·       Demonstrated success in working with a sales team and obtaining product sales through effective use of technical services.

·       Possesses analytical rigor and strong analytical skills in applied research and commercial testing, with experience in conducting university and field research studies.

·       Ability to recognize sales opportunities and determine appropriate action in conjunction with Key Account Managers and area sales managers.

·       Experience in marketing concepts and applications, and the implementation of technical service market plans.

·       Ability to work in cross-functional teams to achieve customer and product objectives, including R&D, Regulatory Affairs, and Marketing.

·       Well organized and an effective planner in the use of resources, while demonstrating flexibility and responsiveness as market needs dictate.

·       Computer proficiency in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel applications.

·       Excellent written, verbal, and presentation skills.

·       Self-motivated to accomplish business and personal objectives.

Description de l'entreprise

A key global player in fermentation for more than a century, Lesaffre (, with a €2 billion turnover, and established on all continents, counts 10,700 employees and more than 85 nationalities.

On the strength of this experience and diversity, we work with customers, partners, customers, and researchers to find ever more relevant answers to the needs of food, health, naturalness, and respect for our environment. Thus, every day, we explore and reveal the infinite potential of microorganisms.

To nourish 9 billion people, in a healthy way, in 2050 by making the most of our planet’s resources is a major and unprecedented issue. We believe that fermentation is one of the most promising answers to this challenge.