Domaine d'activité
Ressources humaines
Ceyhan, Türkiye
Type de contrat
Permanent Contract

Description de l'offre

  • Under its responsibility, the supplier is entitled to rights, checks its invoices and forwards the invoice distributions to the relevant units,
  • Administrative management system and departments through responsibility,
  • Failure and organization of security and cleaning contractor company personnel,
  • Being responsible for garden maintenance and cleaning throughout the building, and being responsible for the management and management of the landscaping team,
  •  Planning and organizing the use of pool tools,
  •  Carrying out activities related to building maintenance, repair and maintenance,
  •  Determining, tracking, supplying and providing details regarding building consumables (tea, coffee, paper towels, stationery, printing processes, etc.),
  •  To make and control general area, common area and cleaning records,
  •  Administrative affairs, monitoring and reporting the annual calendar,
  •  Carrying out cost-oriented development studies for Administrative Affairs services (energy/water expense savings plans, environmental studies, etc.)
  •  Working and cooperating with the Purchasing Department to ensure that Administrative Work is achieved at the desired level, quality and cost.


  • Responsible for administrative affairs
  • Having relevant knowledge of universities or graduating from Vocational Schools,
  • Minimum of 3 years in Administrative Affairs,
  • Able to use MS Office programs well (preferably knowing SAP),
  • Strong communication skills and suitable for team work,
  • Quick formation and ability to adapt to priorities,
  • Having a result and solution oriented working approach
  • Military service has been completed for male candidates,
  • Able to drive actively,
  • No travel restrictions.

Description de l'entreprise

Lesaffre, which is a global reference in the yeast industry with its more than 170 years of accumulated knowledge, has been transmitting its international experience to Turkish bakery industry since 1992.

We unite the Lesaffre experience with our wide-spectrum user population by means of our over 600 employees and our production facilities, including our production facility in Luleburgaz, which we have incorporated into our structure in 2015, in addition to our production facilities in Ceyhan and in Amasya, which have been in use since 1992, the year we started operating in Turkey.

We work to become the closest business partner of our users with the help of our brands which specifically address diverse needs. For bakers and home users, we produce yeast in different forms. In addition to yeast, we also provide baking solutions like bread improvers, bread mixes, and blends to bakery sector. The products that we produce are used with confidence in more than 80 countries, including Turkey.

In order to be able to fulfill our social responsibilities regarding the environment and our society by means of our R&D activities, we annually allocate approximately 30% of our industrial investments to policies on the protection of the environment.

As the key player of the global bread industry, our vision is ‘to delight people with innovative bread making and nutrition solutions for a better planet’.  And our mission of ‘working together to better nourish and protect the planet’ carries Lesaffre to the future.