Domaine d'activité
Recherche & Développement
Human care
Desio, Italy
Type de contrat
Permanent Contract
3 to 5 years

Description de l'offre

We are looking for a Synthesis laboratory Scientist within the RnA (Research and Application) department.

You will be able to work on your own initiative and as part of a team, therefore good interpersonal skills are essential, as is the ability to be organized, react promptly and meet deadlines when under pressure.

This is a rare opportunity to gain a role in an ambitious, growing leading edge company with a global reputation where the atmosphere is professional and friendly, further qualifications and training are actively encouraged in a highly innovative team environment.

As a Scientist in our Synthesis Team, your main Duties and Responsibilities will be:

  • Developing and proposing new process methods for the achievement of synthetic/semisynthetic active principles and impurities or preformulates in nutraceutical or pharmaceutical field.
  • Developing and proposing verification or improvement of purification methods of synthetic, semisynthetic or biosynthetic products, including preparative chromatographic methods
  • Collaborating in defining the specifications of existing or new active ingredients intended for the nutritional or pharmaceutical industry
  • Designing, performing and executing laboratory and Kilolab scale activities aimed at process development and troubleshooting
  • Support for scale-up at plant scale of processes developed in the laboratory
  • Perform in process analysis according to the most common analytical techniques/instruments (HPL , IR, UV, DSC)
  • Search and review of the scientific and patent literature
  • Activities of collecting, reviewing and managing analytical data related to the search, drafting of research reports and scientific presentation.
  • Managing equipment logbooks, maintenance of the laboratory equipment


  • Master degree in medicinal chemistry (CTF) or chemistry
  • 3+ years of experience in a company in research laboratories dealing with synthetic, semisynthetic, biosynthetic processes in the chemical/pharmaceutical, nutraceutical or biotech industry.
  • Competencies and practical experience of the main analytical techniques/instruments (HPLC, GC, KF, IR, UV, LC-MS, NMR…)
  • Competencies of purification techniques (Solid/liquid and liquid/liquid separation, preparative chromatography, flash chromatography, crystallization, distillation, lyophilization, etc..)
  • Experience in scientific literature search and review

Description de l'entreprise

For the GNOSIS BY LESAFFRE Business Unit

For over 30 years, Lesaffre has been involved in Human Health & Nutrition as part of its ambition to Better Nourish and Protect the Planet. In November 2018, Lesaffre acquired Gnosis Advanced Biotech and officially combined it with Lesaffre Human Care to form a new Business Unit named Gnosis by Lesaffre.

At Gnosis by Lesaffre, we are committed to cultivating and to delivering nutritional actives, probiotics, and nutritional and functional yeasts that benefit human health and wellbeing, thanks to the power of microorganisms and biotransformation processes like fermentation. Put differently, we explore life to improve living.

Our vision: At Gnosis by Lesaffre, we strive for a world that moves better, digests better, ages better, feels better, and, ultimately, lives better thanks to microorganisms and biotransformation.