Domaine d'activité
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Type de contrat
Permanent Contract

Description de l'offre

Job purpose


The Supply Chain & Procurement Manager is responsible for Supply Chain & procurement activities in compliance with the local legislation, the Lesaffre Group guidelines and the MEA Sales strategy. You will actively participate in optimizing logistic in term of time and costs. He/She manages all activities related to the supply, reception, conversion/processing and logistics of raw materials and finished products, including the coordination and collaboration with suppliers and transport companies.


Key duties & responsibilities


Purchasing Manager:

  • Deployment of Lesaffre Ethiopia Purchasing Strategy aligned with Group & Region Strategy.
  • Making the yearly procurement plan for the top 10 materials in coordination with Regional Purchasing.
  • Responsible of all the “Source to Contract” and “Procure to Pay” Process.
  • Carrying out research, examination, system identification, visits, reference control and evaluation processes to create an approved supplier pool. Conducting supplier research for the purchase request, receiving offers from approved suppliers, and negotiating prices. To make relevant evaluations by comparing the offers received and to submit the supplier selection for approval.
  • Communicate with suppliers to secure price quotations, technical specifications and relevant details of any material purchase whether local or international.
  • Carrying out the necessary procedures for tender purchases, identifying and inviting suppliers. Concluding tender procedures with the selected supplier.
  • To carry out supplier research and determination processes in accordance with the legislation for the materials and equipment to be imported, and to share the information with relevant people.
  • Send relevant order form, contract, protocol progress form, etc. to the selected supplier. to ensure it is sent.
  • To follow the contract preparation and approval.
  • To carry out the necessary follow-up and controls to ensure that orders are met on time and with the desired quality.
  • To contact the supplier for purchases of goods and services that are not met in accordance with the order or specification and to take refunds or penal action against the supplier. To determine the return conditions of the product.
  • Supporting supplier audits carried out by the quality unit.
  • Providing support in determining the criteria, making measurements and sharing the results during the supplier evaluation process.
  • Ensuring that the documents that need to be recorded for the relevant month are delivered to the accounting unit on time and containing all information regarding the registration.
  • Responsible of all categories of purchase including energy, raw materials, packaging, transport, services, investments & spare parts.
  • Identify and manage potential savings in all purchasing categories
  • Coordinate with the departments involved the technical aspects of supplier approval, especially in the aspects of food safety, safety at work, traceability, etc.
  • Maintain the suppliers database
  • Inform and monitor market developments, supply and demand factors, markets players, innovations
  • Working in good collaboration and good communication with Regional purchasing.

Supply Chain :

  • Consolidates and follows up the safety stock levels for the scope of products
  • Reviews out of stock situations or shortage of supply issues and recommend mitigating actions
  • Conducts root cause analysis for supply chain issues/variances and defines corrective action plans to avoid reoccurrence.
  • Provides recommendations for operational improvements to improve OTIF and inventory.
  • Supports demand planning monthly meetings with the general manager to prepare reports on the historic sales trends, demand forecast drivers, and current market conditions.
  • Bridge communication with Banks and insurance companies to process import of any item.
  • Evaluate and process invoices and obtain all custom documents.
  • Liaise with contact person at the bank and follow up all relevant procedures are adhered, and documents are fully submitted to the bank from the supplier. should document discrepancy occur communicate back with supplier to make amendments.
  • Closely work with assigned clearing agents and make sure goods are cleared from customs no later than the allotted time given by Ethiopian customs authority.
  • Make sure goods are loaded with care and transportation to company warehouse is properly managed.
  • Confirm necessary duties are settled on time and follow up declaration documents are distributed to concerned government agencies on time.
  • Contact shipping agents in line with necessity and global tender scope; answering fright needs by actively working on maritime transportation operations,
  • Identify and manage potential savings in raw materials, storage, shipping and logistics
  • Evaluate weekly stock levels and warehouse occupancy levels
  • Quarterly review routes to optimize costs and better serve customers
  • Optimize picking process
  • Working in good collaboration and good communication with Regional Supply Chain
  • Follow the whole clearance process with customs and related authorities.


Knowledge & Education level


  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Business Administration, Engineering



Required level of experience


  • Working experience of at least 10 years in Supply Chain / Procurement





  • Soft skills:


  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills, ability to manage priorities
  • Strong attention to detail, observation, organizational, and leadership skills.
  • Problem analysis and problem solving
  • Teambuilding and Teamwork
  • Decision-making
  • Time-management ability
  • Excellent communication and listening skills.
  • A keen eye for detail and a results driven approach
  • Conscientious and responsible
  • Ability to work under minimal supervision
  • Ease of communication and interpersonal relations, both internal and external and at all levels
  • A dynamic and active person, with the willingness to take on workloads and the ability to meet professional challenges.
  • Tenacious and persistent in achieving objectives



  • Competences:


  • Computer skills in Office 365
  • Fluent in English


Description de l'entreprise

Lesaffre, which was established as a family-owned enterprise in 1853 in France, serves today as the closest local business partner of its users worldwide by means of its multinational structure. With its 77 production facilities and over 11,000 employees, the Lesaffre expertise comprises a wide production, sales, and R&D network across 5 continents, in over 185 countries. Since 2021 Lesaffre is operating a production facility in Ethiopia to serve the long standing customers of our brands which used to be serverd through import.