fermented beverages

fermented beverages

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Production performance meets consumer satisfaction

Fermentation is an art and a very important step in the process of creating a variety of fermented beverages — including beer, wine, spirits and many others. Fermentis offers our clients a range of innovative alcoholic fermentation solutions, amongst which yeast remains dominant.

The development and production of yeast and its components for the beverage industry are part of our core business. With an extensive selection of technical fermentation solutions, we help our clients produce better products and boost satisfaction among producers and consumers all over the world.


Brewing authentic and diverse beers

Lesaffre has been a pioneer in the field of Lager yeast production in dry form. With our reliable line of beer yeasts, we support creative designers — whether home, craft or industrial producers — everywhere. We continuously enrich our range of products and services to help brewers in search of authentic flavor profiles and technical performance. We enthusiastically support our clients’ creative efforts because we share their love of innovation and taking the initiative. As a key global player in fermentation and yeast, Fermentis builds solutions and results with our talented experts, visionary R&D program and industrial expertise that meets the highest international quality standards.


Giving great wine a unique character

Today’s top wine producers understand that yeast is an essential tool for giving character to their wine. Our wine yeasts and yeast derivatives enhance the most important aspects of a great wine: quality and flavor. Our product portfolio was specially designed to adapt to different varietals and wine-making techniques. Our yeasts are selected to develop specific flavors with distinct final notes, to reveal elegance in their aromas, increase strength, optimize the fermentation process; and characterize wines by making them less acidic, brighter, more full-bodied or crisper.

Fermentation of spirits: from whisky to tequila

When it comes to distillation, the choice of yeast strain directly influences the added value of the end product. We understand that predictability is crucial in the world of distilling. Our active dry yeasts are stable over time ౼ meaning the yeasts chosen today will be the same tomorrow and the day after. Whether distilling whiskey, cognac, rum, tequila or other fermented beverages, Fermentis has a wide range of solutions that meet the most stringent international standards. Suitable for all types of substrates (malt, raw grain, fruit, etc.), our yeasts perform wonderfully and create a wide variety of aromatic profiles.


Continuous innovation and sharing efforts

As part of our commitment to help our partners and end customers, we created the Fermentis Academy.

It is a place of unique inspiration, at the crossroads between the worlds of applied research and education. The Applied Research will primarily focus on the understanding in every detail of how our products and solutions will deliver their promise.

In this open, cosmopolitan place you will be welcomed by our researchers and tasting experts. You will also meet with other professionals who, like you, are seeking to make progress or innovate. An educational program for professionals in the field of fermented beverages will be designed to share all the results of our R&D.

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