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The world’s population is increasing, while animal proteins are becoming scarcer. Feeding the planet healthily and sustainably is one of this century’s major societal concerns. As a source of plant-based proteins, bread is a solution for the future. And bread yeast is at the center of these issues.

Faithful to the capacity for foresight and innovation on which our reputation was built, Lesaffre has developed a global portfolio of bread-making solutions for craft and industrial bakers. Ranging from ferments (yeasts and sourdoughs) to bread-making ingredients (improvers, mixes, blends, milling correctors, etc.), this portfolio is suitable for use in any type of production process (direct, frozen, pre-baked, etc.).

This is the fruit of Lesaffre’s industrial, technical and scientific expertise, enhanced not only by our international facilities, but also by our approach based on knowledge shared and passed down from baker to baker. Through our R&D policy and the technical support provided by our network of Baking Center ™ facilities, Lesaffre stands alongside bakers and is committed to meeting the latest needs on the marketplace.

Discover baker’s yeast production process in video:

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