Fermentation nutriments

Fermentation nutriments

Procelys by lesaffre

Procelys’ expertise in yeast-based nutrients

Our yeast-based products are rich in available peptides, amino acids, vitamins and nitrogen, which makes these substances particularly well-suited to industrial fermentation. Available in liquid, paste, fine powder or microgranular form, our yeast-based products are available with animal-free, allergen-free, GMO-free, Halal and Kosher certifications.

Biotechnology: a source of lasting well-being for living beings

Lesaffre is recognized over the world for our proven expertise in fermentation nutrients. With our extensive global presence across several continents, we meet a variety of our clients’ needs by developing efficient yeast-based nutrients: yeast extracts, dried yeast, autolyzed yeast and yeast peptones that improve the growth and productivity of microorganisms and animal cells. Whether used to generate biopharmaceutical products, antibiotics, culture media for biological diagnostic tests, starter cultures, probiotics, food and feed bio-ingredients, renewable chemicals or biocontrol productions, we apply our know-how in an environmentally-friendly manner. Our commitment here directly contributes to improve the lives, health and wellness of our planet’s living creatures.


A dedicated business unit

To meet global demand, we created Procelys, a business unit dedicated to yeast-based nutrients for biotech industries. Our experts ensure that these nutrients adhere to the highest performance standards required by key international players and allow our clients to optimize various microbial productions. They also improve the viability, vitality and productivity of these microorganisms, and serve as an excellent source of biological nitrogen.

True to our innovative spirit, we created a network of laboratories dedicated to biotech applications to meet client expectations and anticipate market demand. In addition to our joint development projects conducted with our clients under confidentiality agreements, we regularly work with an international network of partners and research centers.


Setting a high standard

There is an increasing interest in using fermentation products in

The main challenges include enhancing the yield and preserving the functionality, vitality and viability of microorganisms from the beginning of production, through the distribution chain, to the end consumer. Our effective, high-quality nutrients are capable of meeting these challenges. Today, a growing number of manufacturers use Lesaffre yeast-based products to refine the production of industrial fermentations.

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