9 billion people in 2050 is tomorrow. Humanity, in other words each one of us, will face an unprecedented challenge in history: how can we successfully feed us all, as healthily as possible, to preserve our health and quality of life, while the resources to produce our food will become scarcer or less high quality, polluted or with poor nutritional value?

The challenge is colossal, complex and urgent. Are we ready to take it up?

For centuries, fermentation has been used all over the world: to fight waste, to preserve our food, to give more taste… And for more than 170 years, at Lesaffre, we have been working with passion and expertise on its formidable properties. We strongly believe that fermentation is one of the most promising answers to feed 9 billion people in a safer, healthier and more sustainable way.

Our ambition is to be one of the leaders of the movement around fermentation.

Today, microorganisms and ingredients constitute a new wide field to explore, to open up, and exciting boundaries to push. Faced with such challenges, we cannot progress alone. It is through our teams’ passion and commitment that we can enhance our partnerships.

Everywhere in the world, locally, in our plants, our applied science and research centers, our offices… Our women and men put their energy and enthusiasm into building solid and trusted partnerships to innovate, develop, train and move forward together.

It is together with our customers, partners, researchers, and citizens that every day we reveal the infinite potential of microorganisms. This is the key to success.

We have reason to be optimistic

The bright minds in our 10 research centers around the world work tirelessly to solve nutritional and health challenges through biotechnology and biotransformation. We are committed to exacting health and safety standards and employ high-end technological equipment to produce quality products that optimize natural resources.

With a growing number of applied science centers all over the world, across multiple industries, we are ready to listen closely and understand our clients’ needs and provide tailor-made support.

Our global network of production facilities enables us to consistently produce high-quality products around the world while adapting to local needs and requirements. With a focus on multisourcing, we prevent shortages and guarantee on-time delivery.

With a culturally diverse staff, representing 90 nationalities, Lesaffre cultivates an inclusive work environment that values good listening, understanding and strong customer relationships.

Our understanding of consumers’ evolving daily lives and needs, paired with insight and input from our customers, feeds our product and process innovation.

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Our group

A key global player in fermentation for more than a century, Lesaffre, with a €3 billion turnover, and established on all continents, counts 11,000 employees and 96 nationalities.

Our group

Our history

We are cultivating our company in the same way that we cultivate our strains of yeast since 1853.

Our history

Our global presence

Throughoutour history, the Group has recognized the value of expanding ౼ not only our areas of expertise, but our geographic footprint. 

Our global presence