Institut Léon Lesaffre

“Our collective success is dependent on the individual performances of our employees around the world.”
Being conscious of the importance of staff training, Lesaffre fosters its employees’ sense of personal fulfillment through the acquisition of new skill sets. Created in 2006, Institut Léon Lesaffre aims to:

  • Develop employee skill sets;
  • Promote technical expertise by encouraging staff to share good practices;
  • Share the group’s values and cultures.

VideoInstitut Léon Lesaffre offers many opportunities for networking between the group’s various entities. Each year, it trains close to 200 managers from every discipline working at more than 50 subsidiaries worldwide.
Tailor-made programs, a network of in-house trainers, functional experts and partnerships with business schools: nothing is left to chance when it comes to training for the future, adapting to the reality in the field and, in this way, driving the transmission of knowledge.