Our global presence

Lesaffre is present in 50 countries

Throughout our history, the Group has recognized the value of expanding ౼ not only our areas of expertise, but our geographic footprint. 

Our rapid expansion was made possible, first and foremost, by the lasting and sincere relationships we have created with customers around the globe. We grew up in this industry alongside our partners and distributors, earning their trust along the way. 

Our pioneering spirit and the cohesive nature of our teams is yet another source of strength. From the beginning, our employees have been skilled, motivated and devoted to excellence. Today, we are proud to say that we have subsidiaries on every continent. Our products are distributed in 180 countriesand we operate 80 production sites and 10 R&D centers around the world. With our growing portfolio of products and solutions  our potential for expansion is limitless. 

R&D centers
sales offices
production sites
distributed countries
sensory analysis labs
applied science centers

Think global, act local

Our multilocal business model delivers a promise to our clients and partners: no matter where they are in the world, Lesaffre is never far away. With small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), application centers, R&D centers, sales offices and production sites spread throughout the world, we incorporate both a global reach and a local sensibility into our personalized and customer-oriented approach.

On a global scale, we work closely with our subsidiaries and employees, providing training, coaching and assistance in order to ensure that each country becomes operationally autonomous. Our teams’ rich diversity of nationalities and cultures is the key to our success. This unique structure allows us to take into account the various needs of clients and consumers, incorporate specific local market knowledge and adhere to our international marketing approach.

Developing local expertise

At Lesaffre, we are committed to understanding our clients’ unique needs. Our teams on the ground are well versed in local working conditions, regulations and consumer trends. They are tuned-in to local cultures and habits, and they adapt production accordingly. Our expertise, paired with our proximity and dedication, make us the ideal partner ౼ anywhere on the planet.

Lesaffre Campus

The Lesaffre Campus is a milestone in the Group's development. This living space was born of a desire to express 
what we are: an innovative, eco-responsible, open-minded company with strong roots in its local area.

The Lesaffre campus

Inaugurated in October 2022, the Lesaffre Campus enables the 700 collaborators from the surroundings of Lille to be reunited in a single place. This Lesaffre Campus will be an innovation booster for the group, in order to offer sustainable, natural and unlimited solutions for nutrition , health and environment.


With its innovative architecture and technological capacities, the Lesaffre Campus encourages new ways of working that make synergies and teamwork easier. Sharing good practices, pooling equipments, developing partnerships, sharing know-hows: the architecture of the building in itself has been designed to boost these new work methods. All our employees can now make the most of collective intelligence to innovate more, faster and better.

A virtuous design: Fitting in the environment and protecting its resources

The Lesaffre Campus has been designed to comply with the environmental and energy performance standards, in accordance with Lesaffre’s mission. All the buildings are energy efficient. They have been thought out to be bioclimatic, energy efficient while preserving comfort in winter as well as in summer thanks to air treatment stations with an 85% efficiency rate to heat or cool down the premises. The Campus offers a place that fits in its environment, and that respects its wildlife and plant life.


Optimal thermal comfort

With a view to be energy efficient

Air treatment stations: 85% efficiency rate to heat or cool down the place

Rainwater collection



A 19 hectares park filled with greenery

+150 plant species inventored

+ 600 plants, trees and shrubs planted



+175 bikes shelter

Access to the pedestrian towpath

550 parking spots, including 40 electric vehicles charging stations


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Our mission

We strongly believe that fermentation is one of the most promising answers to feed 9 billion people in a safer, healthier and more sustainable way.

Our mission

Our group

A key global player in fermentation for more than a century, Lesaffre, with a €3 billion turnover, and established on all continents, counts 11,000 employees and 96 nationalities.

Our group

Our global presence

Throughoutour history, the Group has recognized the value of expanding ౼ not only our areas of expertise, but our geographic footprint. 

Our global presence