Baking Yeasts & ingredients

Baking   Yeasts & ingredients

Baker’s yeast

As a fermentation agent, yeast plays an essential role in regulating the fermentation activity of bread and aromatic development. This 6 micrometer microorganism partially consumes the sugar in flour and produces carbon dioxide and ethanol, which allows optimal rise in the dough. The yeast cream produced by our fermenters is processed to create different types of yeasts, including compressed, crumbled, dehydrated and freeze-dried forms — each remarkable for their performance, purity and stability.

Our ready-to-use or customizable solutions allow artisans and industrial bakers over the world to produce better bread, more easily. And, above all, these solutions yield a large number of valuable molecules that create unique flavor profiles in a wide variety of baked goods.


Historically, sourdough was the very first baking ferment. This traditional ingredient is still renowned today for creating the richest flavors. Sourdough has long been acclaimed by consumers around the world in search of natural products. Composed of yeasts and bacteria, this ingredient brings countless benefits to the world of baking. But many bread-making professionals are reluctant to prepare a natural sourdough starter because of the complex and often tricky process. Lesaffre has developed a unique sourdough range — including starters, living sourdoughs, devitalized sourdough, and sourdough-based preparations — to customize flavor profiles and adapt to bakers’ needs.


Baking ingredients

With the goal of extending our portfolio of products and services beyond yeasts, our teams of researchers and formulators on every continent set out to create a large and innovative range of bread ingredients. These products respond to the various issues facing our industrial and artisan clients and meet their baking needs.

  • Bread improvers simplify the work of bakers and optimize the functional characteristics of their breads by significantly altering the behavior of the dough at the different stages.
  • Premixes support baking creativity and allow craft bakers to experiment with classic or creative recipes with varied tastes and unique textures.

The development of each type of baking ingredient targets specific objectives, combining our knowledge of production processes, raw materials, desired features, and more. All of our innovative solutions help to optimize the conditions under which various baking professions are exercised. They perfect the technical and sensory qualities of baked goods, and win over consumers who are perpetually on the lookout for healthy, tasty, authentic and new recipes.

The Lesaffre Baking Center™ Network

Our Baking Center™ Network launched with a single technical facility in 1974. At the time, we aspired to be true partners for our clients, acting as reliable experts in the sector and innovation leaders. Over the years, the technical support we offer has expanded with teams of experienced, multicultural technicians, capable of pinpointing the needs and particular features of every country they work in.

Today, our network comprises 51 facilities around the world. We aim to encourage autonomy by training technical advisors, formulators, sales managers and everyone who needs to understand baking.

As a pioneer in deciphering the language of bread, our Baking Center™ network also provides clients with sensory analysis, a scientific methodology used to tailor products to consumer tastes. We welcome clients from all backgrounds: craft bakers, industrial producers, distributors, R&D teams, etc., in order to assist and advise them. Through training, we aim to foster joint projects and create enduring relationships based on trust. The Lesaffre Baking Center™ network has become an international benchmark nurturing both major changes in the profession and the Group’s expansion in the yeast and baking ingredient markets.

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