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As the global population continues to soar, feeding the planet in a sustainable and healthy manner has become one of this century’s major societal concerns. At Lesaffre, we believe that bread, a source of plant-based proteins, is one of the most promising solutions for the future. The crucial element of this solution — as well as the heart of our expertise — is fermentation.

Food Taste & Pleasure

The agrifood industry is undergoing a major shift: what we eat and drink is no longer just about sustenance. These products are taking center stage across a wide range of topics — most notably concerning food taste and pleasure, but also nutrition, wellbeing, environmental impact and energy consumption. With this growing awareness among consumers, comes greater expectations. Today, consumers feel more connected to their food than ever before. They expect mealtime to be the source of enjoyment, sociability, balance and nutrition. As a result, producers now face the challenge of developing products that can meet these sky high expectations across agrifood stuffs, beverages and aromas.

Health care

By 2050, our planet will be home to an estimated 9 billion people. With this population boom will come a growing focus on overall health and wellbeing — for the human population but also for the plants and animals that share our planet. And as we plan for the future, it is no longer enough to be healthy today; we need to design future-minded products and solutions that are sustainable, productive and respectful of humankind and the environment.

Industrial Biotechnology

We are convinced that offering a more sustainable world to future generations requires organisations around the globe to commit to corporate social responsibility. At Lesaffre, we contribute to this goal every day by tapping into our expertise in fermentation solutions and innovating in the field of biotechnologies. With the utmost respect for the environment, we constantly seek out new ways to preserve natural resources and generate new yeast strains capable of supporting the boom in biofuels and bio-based products. With equal concern for living beings, we develop lines of cellular nutrients that improve the health and wellness of humans and animals.

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Our mission

We strongly believe that fermentation is one of the most promising answers to feed 9 billion people in a safer, healthier and more sustainable way.

Our mission

Our Group

A key global player in fermentation for more than a century, Lesaffre, with a €3 billion turnover, and established on all continents, counts 11,000 employees and 96 nationalities.

Our Group

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Throughout our history, the Group has recognized the value of expanding ౼ not only our areas of expertise, but our geographic footprint. 

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