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animal care

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Working together for the future

Along with the growing expectation of sustainable food production comes the difficult task of meeting increasing food demands — in particular for animal proteins. These trends create an undeniable need for more sustainable breeding systems, optimized animal productivity and animal protein production that allows meat, fish, egg and dairy farmers to earn a living wage. What’s more, these challenges require solutions that respect the environment, protect animal welfare and guarantee economic success.

At Lesaffre, we support our partners — from global industry players to family farmers — as they transition to more sustainable practices. Together, we work with our nutritionists, veterinarians and feed experts to develop tailor-made solutions for preventive care. Along with each one of these stakeholders, we are committed to raising healthy animals while conserving our planet’s resources and energy.


Improving animal nutrition, health and welfare

Phileo, our business unit dedicated to improving animal care, is committed to innovating in this field to better nourish and protect the planet. We believe that yeast and bacteria, along with advanced fermentation technologies, provide the perfect response to growing demands and greater sustainability requirements. With nearly 170 years of Lesaffre research and manufacturing expertise, we use beneficial microorganisms to improve animal care while preserving natural resources and land scarcity.

Drawing upon our extensive collection of proprietary probiotic strains, we develop evidence-based solutions that take into account animal species’ diversity to overcome complex farming challenges. Our teams in the field work together to define new animal nutrition standards and build a sustainable agrifood future.


The Farm: Research today for a better tomorrow

As part of our commitment to anticipating the needs of future generations, we have launched several different platforms to generate knowledge and innovation. In addition to our bacteria platform and our formulation platform, for example, we created The Farm. This platform, dedicated to scientific expertise and exchange, develops innovative solutions to respond to the ethical, sanitary and zootechnical challenges in livestock agriculture. It also has a special focus on developing in vitro research models to study the effect of probiotics on microbiota, fiber and food digestibility, and immunity.

Our solutions help to improve animal health as well as consumers’ immunity and gut health. This can include improvements in digestion, stress reduction and finding sustainable alternatives to antibiotics. We also have a dedicated laboratory where we are able to measure our products’ effectiveness in controlling these contaminating agents in animal feed.

Our platforms promote academic research in partnership with internationally-renowned researchers in Europe, Brazil, China, India and the United States. We also seek out ways to promote knowledge-sharing by communicating more about our advances, while also aiming to strengthen our partnerships with universities, institutes and customers.

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