Taste expertise for food pleasure

Goût et plaisir alimentaire

These days, consumers are more attached to their food than ever before. They have many expectations associated with pleasure and sociability, obtained thanks to a healthy, appetizing and flavorful diet. As such, both solid and liquid foodstuffs have become a vehicle for everyday treats. The desire to feed oneself comes from the taste sensations that are responsible for food pleasure.

Producers need to fulfill this quest for food taste and pleasure that drives today’s consumers. Whether they operate in the world of agri-foodstuffs, potable spirits, cosmetics, perfumes or pharmaceuticals, they know that Lesaffre has the high-added-value yeasts they need, with natural food flavors that reveal tastes and aromas, yeast extracts that optimize nutritional and sensory – especially taste – qualities, alcoholic fermentation yeasts that can enhance character and special flavor features, and the list goes on.