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A new era of taste and food flavoring

As consumer food trends continue to redefine what ends up on our plates, they also raise expectations in the food industry in regard to the capabilities of natural* yeast products. With this in mind, our business unit, Biospringer, maintains a strong focus on major food taste and health challenges. We offer our customers a range of yeast extracts designed to improve the taste and organoleptic properties of food. Our 100% natural* ingredients are guaranteed animal-free, certified Kosher and Halal to address the following industry demands:

  • Taste improvement: ingredients that make the most of flavoring for savory and sweet food and beverages.
  • Healthier formulation: ingredients that contribute to the formulation of nutritionally balanced food by reducing salt, sugar and fat.
  • Clean label: simple flavoring ingredients that come from fresh yeast and therefore have natural origins.
  • Vegan and Vegetarian: ingredients that help the formulators create food alternatives to animal protein consumption.
  • Off-note masking: solutions that mask unwanted off-notes brought by sweeteners and plant proteins.
  • Organic: a range of certified organic products that offer the transparency and environmental responsibility that health-conscious and environmentally-aware consumers seek.
* According to ISO TS19657

Flavor profiles with infinite potential

Our yeast ingredients’ rich features open the door to a wide variety of possible applications. They enrich savory foods such as soups and broths, sauces and culinary aids, snacks, seasonings, ready-meals, dairy products, processed meat, fish and analogues; and sweet recipes such as baked goods, chocolates, etc.

Our yeast-based ingredients also compensate for the taste in low-fat applications, bring indulgence to low-sodium formulations, and allow for flavorful low-sugar products in vegetarian and vegan dishes. Just like herbs and spices, they are essential ingredients that give foods and beverages a complete, rich and balanced flavor profile.

With eight industrial sites worldwide, we effectively meet the specific requirements and preferences of our customers on each continent where we operate. Our unique industrial network and global presence are unmatched by our competitors.

In response to food and beverage producers’ needs, we offer a range of yeast-based ingredients to improve taste by:

Dedicated support teams 

Given our commitment to excellent customer support, we developed a network of application labs, the Culinary Center, located in France, China, Brazil, Singapore and the United States of America. These high-level technical teams, supported by Biospringer’s Sensory team, are dedicated to: 

  • Formulating food products and beverages with yeast-based ingredients and optimizing our clients’ recipes focusing on taste improvement 

  • Assessing the sensory quality of products and applications, in coordination with the Biospringer Sensory team 

  • Evaluating the performance of new ingredients and supporting the innovation process 

  • Hosting training and sharing experience of applications, using knowledge of the local market and consumer preferences 

  • Monitoring technological developments in food technology and market trends 

With this extensive expertise, the Culinary Center has become a strategic tool for our clients. We play an essential role in helping them create new formulations and further develop the yeast product market. 

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